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Meeting with Rony Amar, E-Commerce & Marketing Director at Deux par Deux


If you are from Quebec and have kids, you may be familiar with Deux par Deux, a Montreal-based business that has been creating and manufacturing clothing and accessories for children for more than 32 years.


This week, I met with their E-Commerce & Marketing Director, Rony Amar, a passionate man with a head bursting with new ideas, a man that has taken charge of the business’ e-commerce turn and has taken it to another level.


Making the brand grow


Deux par Deux is a line of trendy children’s clothing especially well known for its swimsuits and snowsuits. Not only that, but the range also includes everyday fashionable clothing for little people aged 3 months to 14 years old, as well as formal dresses for special occasions.




Essentially a B2B operation, the company sells its creations and products to more than 700 stores in Canada, as well as Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, and England.


The brand is thriving thanks to the talents of 25 dedicated employees, among which Rony Amar and his team, who for the past year have been actively developing the brand’s e-commerce.


Indeed, though the business has been running for more than 32 years, it has to reach consumers where they are in 2019, that is, behind their screens. And that is something Rony understands well.


For more than a year, as E-Commerce & Marketing Director, his focus has been to continuously improve their website to boost direct sales.


Rony is no rookie in business development. Having graduated in marketing and international trilingual Master in Europe, he’s held the title of E-Commerce Director in many businesses in France and in Quebec. He was Montreal’s e-commerce ambassador, has worked in digital transformations, managed marketing teams, tested all online sales platforms, and directed many website redesigns.


Closer to the consumers


When I say Rony has a head bursting with ideas, believe me. With his team, he has put into place marketing strategies that work, among which recurring collaborations with influencers on social media.


Rony firmly believes influencers are the pillars of business growth nowadays: “Social media is the best way of creating a buzz, to develop our reputation. That’s the way to go because social media has no boundary.”


Moreover, his goal is to pursue and further develop the breakthrough achieved in the American market, where the competition is so fierce.




He believes social media is a definite key to success, but so is an efficient and convenient website.


I cannot agree more. I myself am one of these consumers that will quickly move on when a certain website is too difficult to navigate or poorly designed. In fact, that is one of my priorities with Buster Fetcher.


That is why Rony and his team are working hard on a new website that will allow consumers from anywhere in the world to know exactly how much customs and duties will be levied when purchasing a product, depending on their location in the world.


Giving the best guidance to his customers is one of Rony’s priority. That clearly stood out when we started talking about Buster Fetcher.


Using Buster Fetcher as a marketing tool


I remember the first time I spoke with Rony to set up Buster Fetcher; I knew right away I was dealing with a man that would challenge me to excel. I love it when new customers come up with ideas to improve the services my business offers them. As an entrepreneur, I am fascinated with such exchanges of ideas and experiences.


When I asked him what Buster Fetcher meant to his business, he told me that obviously it’s an easy way of recovering costs for packages delivered late, but more importantly, a way of building funds to reinvest in marketing and business development.


When one of our sales representative met with Rony to introduce Buster Fetcher, he was already very familiar with the principle of package tracking; he’d been working for 10 years with one of our American competitor. For him, a software tracking late package deliveries is an absolute necessity in e-commerce.


Showroom DeuxparDeux-1


In all the business ventures he’s been a part of, Rony has always reinvested the sums reimbursed in his marketing strategies.


So, what prompted him to switch to Buster Fetcher since he was already happy with his previous arrangement?


“Whenever I can work with a local supplier, I will always do it”, he explains. “I want to encourage the Quebec economy. Plus, it’s easier to talk things out being local, and Buster Fetcher is very flexible, willing to work out solutions for the particular needs of its customers.”


I must say I was glad to hear that because that is indeed an essential aspect for my team and I. We want our customers to talk to us and we want to be there for them!


Rony was very pleased with the simple and quick set up of the service, and the support he receives ever since.


He also loves the statistics and reports he can pull about carriers and delivery types, because it allows him to compare and recommend the best shipping methods to customers. In other words, the statistics we provide help his business make better marketing decisions!


Yes, Buster Fetcher is more than a simple refund. If you would like to know more about this, don’t hesitate to contact me.


I could have talked for hours with Rony. He shared many ideas with me to improve our services. For now, I just want to keep them to myself, but believe me, I took note of all of them and we are going to work on it.


In the meantime, the work Rony and his team at Deux par Deux have accomplished in the last year seems to bear fruit; a very strong growth in the last few months and their sales have doubled since last year.


With a man like Rony managing e-commerce and marketing, Deux par Deux is in good hands and will only continue to grow… Just like the children for whom they create such beautiful clothing!


The takeaway

Use the statistics and reports about carriers to compare and recommend the best shipping methods to customers.



Want to know more?




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