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Join the Buster FetcherTM Shipping Club and get access to special rates at Purolator

When you have a low shipping volume, it can be hard to negotiate better rates. But when you join the Buster FetcherTM Shipping Club, you benefit from the strength of the group.

Jonathan D.
October 2022

Alexandre Blais for president

Just a short message to bring to light the fabulous work of Alexandre Blais at customer services. Adding a positive vibe to a commercial environment is a great plus value to Buster Fetcher.

Erika R.
June 2022

Great experience!

These guys gave us plenty of resources for my business. I am now confident that my shipping service will be efficient and profitable.

Gabriele L.
March 2022

Very human and professional interaction

I love the concept of the company, and the fact that I don't need to bother myself with filing claims.

Jennifer F.
January 2022

A Pleasant Surprise!

I signed up and was shocked at how much money they found for me! My only regret was not doing this 6 months ago!

Frederic B.
March 2022

Excellent customer service!

Awesome platform to save on shipping fees with an excellent customer service!

Charles H.
February 2022

I love everything about it!

The "shipments" page provides me all the info I need at a glance. I appreciate it even for my shipments that are not guaranteed. The claims are triggered automatically.

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Stay in control of your Purolator account
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Save time in negotiations
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Pay a rate that would normally be out of reach
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When you pay more than others to ship your products…

Your profit margins are lower.
Your business development is slower.

How much does the shipping volume of the giants in your industry (and therefore their access to much lower rates) hurt your market position?

Each time a new company joins the Buster FetcherTM Shipping Club, the total volume of shipments in the club increases, so prices decrease.

More members, more savings.

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Buster FetcherTM negotiates the best rates with Purolator for Club members as the total shipping volume increases.


Manage your own Purolator account

Cut out the middleman, but still pay less.

Enjoy better rates, negotiated for you

Negotiating takes time and arguments. Let us take care of it for you.

Benefit from other companies’ growth

Grow your business faster by lowering your shipping expenses.
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Our mission: to lower your shipping costs as much as possible, to improve your profit margins.

Simplified process

for creating your Purolator account


normally reserved for massive companies

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There are 3 ways to save on your shipping and delivery costs.

Group 30-3





Shipping Club

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A unique savings concept

based on the commercial shipping volume of Buster FetcherTM Club members

$1 per package + Purolator cost

Benefit from a special rate based on the total shipping volume of all Club members

Win-win model: since our rate is fixed, we’re motivated to negotiate the best prices for you.

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Creating your Buster FetcherTM account to join the Shipping Club

automatically makes you eligible for our refund service.

No monthly fees.
Win-win model.

We charge you a percentage of the amounts you claim, so you don’t pay anything unless you get your refund.

No risk, no commitment. Just the certainty that you’ll be saving as much as possible on your shipping.

Enjoy free, automated, 24/7 monitoring.
Get reimbursed directly by your carrier for packages they deliver late. Without lifting a finger.
Make sure you receive a refund whenever a shipping label turns out to be unused.

Monitoring of the data collected on all your shipments
Automated claims
Refund right on your shipping bill
Analysis of your carriers’ performance
Compliance with the strictest IT security standards

Tired of receiving refunds?
You can delete your account anytime… but you won’t want to.

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Save a bunch of money in 5 minutes


Join the Buster FetcherTM Club.


Take advantage of unbeatable pricing at Purolator.


Get fully refunded for late deliveries.

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Being a part of the Buster FetcherTM Shipping Club

gives you the resources to invest in your marketing.

With your Buster FetcherTM account, you’ll always get back the money you’re owed for late deliveries and forgotten shipping labels.

You always have the option to purchase your own customized report to identify where you’re paying surcharges and how to avoid them. The report compares your profile with that of similar companies to help you negotiate with your Canada Post representative.

Finally, the Shipping Club makes sure you get the best possible Purolator prices.

All our services are win-win.

With Buster FetcherTM solutions, you reduce your shipping costs, allowing your company to invest in its brand and generate more sales.

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Download the eBook by Matt, CEO of Buster FetcherTM

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Download our system in 3 simple steps

Reduce your next commercial Canada Post bill

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Join the nearly 2,000 Canadian customers who save on shipping every month with Buster FetcherTM