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Maximum Refund, Simple pricing

Get back all the money you're owed from carriers, we only charge a small percentage fee.

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 We only get paid when you receive your refunds.
No contracts. No hidden fees. 
40% of recovered refunds
Here’s what we offer:
- Unlimited shipping audit
- Unlimited claim
- No minimum or maximumshipping volume required
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2,000+ businesses trust

Buster Fetcher

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Save up to 30%

on your next Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, Purolator bills.

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Up to 30%

of a company’s shipments arelate and fully refundable

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You alone will decide the length of time your contract with us will be. We are happy to have you among our satisfied clients forever! We only need you to accept the Terms and Conditions posted on BusterFetcher.com and then wait to get your refunds.

If you should decide that you have had enough refunds without having to work for them.... all you have to do is contact our Customer Service team by email at support@busterfetcher.com and we will terminate the contract whenever you want ;)

How do I get my refunds?

It is important to know that it is your carrier, such as Canada Post, UPS or FedEx, that is responsible for your refund based on the billing agreement you have with them. Normally, refunds for late parcels are credited on the next invoice, or deposited on your credit card (which can take up to a month). It is also possible that the carrier sends you a check. In any case, please note that BusterFetcher.com, unfortunately, has no control over how your carrier will decide to reimburse you.

It's very simple! Your inscription only takes 2 minutes (actually we timed it as 1min 32sec). There is no software to install, and you continue with your regular shipping habits without worrying about us. There is no impact in any way for you to manage within your team.

On our end, we connect on the spot to your account with your carrier and track your packages for you! We also make all claims in your name without any need for intervention on your part.

Refunds are made to you directly by the carrier via your account. You don't have to do ANYTHING! We use all the collected data to help you manage your shipping costs and we can even help you negotiate with your carrier when needed.

Our services don't cost anything.  There are no monthly fees.  From the refunds you would not have gotten without us, we calculate a 40% commission.  In fact, we work to recuperate the money you had already lost, every day, without you even knowing it.

We bill you as soon as the request for a refund has been approved by your carrier. So, if you get a bill from us, this means your refund request has been approved by your carrier and you will be receiving money soon, if not already done!

Why don’t I just claim my own refunds?


When delegating the tedious task of tracking your packages and claiming refunds, you end up the winner! Here are 4 reasons why.

Firstly, some carriers will charge you fees if you try to request a refund for a package they judge is not justified according to their refund policy. BusterFetcher.com respects the policies of each carrier and regularly and systematically improves the system algorithms to avoid all refusals.

Secondly, BusterFetcher.com respects the claim delays. In fact, after a certain amount of time (about 1 month) it is no longer possible for you to claim refunds for late deliveries. BusterFetcher.com processes the refund requests within the best possible delays to maximize to the fullest your refund potential.

Thirdly, BusterFetcher.com offers more than just refunds on late deliveries: we claim the labelling costs for cancelled shipments as well as refunds for any billing errors from the carrier.

Fourthly, the workload associated with the tracking of each package in relation to each carrier's policy, as well as managing the labelling cancellations and the full billing review, is so huge that many well-known businesses, large and small, have given up their plans to appoint someone to this task. Their conclusion: working with BusterFetcher.com is by far the most profitable, economical and effective solution.

We accept payments by Visa and Mastercard.
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