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Here is a blog dedicated to demystifying shipping audits, but also and above all to help you grow your e-commerce business: marketing, sales, management, customer service, and the trends you don’t want to miss.

Canada Post Waiver and Delivery
Why Every Business Should Never Waive Canada Post's On-Time Delivery Guarantee
Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, & FedEx
Shipping Tips & Trends
Discover why you should never waive Canada Post's On-Time Delivery Guarantee. Learn how it saves you money and its specific terms and conditions.
How to Simplify Parcel Shipping with ShipStation
Discover how ShipStation can optimize your shipping, save time, reduce errors, and offer discounted rates from leading carriers.
How to Request a Refund from FedEx
Learn how to request a refund from FedEx for late deliveries in Canada. Discover their refund policy, eligibility criteria, and a step-by-step guide to navigate the refund process easily.
shipping strategy
How to Optimize Your Shipping Strategy: Top 16 Pro Tips Revealed
E-commerce Tips & Trends
Shipping Tips & Trends
Optimize your business's shipping for maximum profitability and customer satisfaction. Discover the Top 16 Shipping Tips to save time, money, and energy!
3PL Logistics for Entrepreneurs
Discover the power of 3PL logistics for small entrepreneurs. Find the benefits, cost factors, and tips for choosing the perfect 3PL partner.
Easy Ways to Start E-Commerce International Shipping
Easy Ways to Start E-Commerce International Shipping
E-commerce Tips & Trends
Shipping Tips & Trends
Learn how to start e-commerce international shipping and expand your business globally. Discover the benefits, shipping methods, and tips for success.
Ecommerce revolution in mobile
From understanding the landscape to putting customers first to focusing on brand identity, these strategies will help your business thrive.
worried about unused shipping labels
Unshipped shipping labels could be draining your business's budget. Identify and avoid this hidden cost to save money and improve your shipping strategies.
Save Big Optimize Package Billing with Canada Posts Volumetric Equivalence
Learn how to maximize savings on shipping costs with Canada Post's volumetric equivalence. Discover effective strategies and insights. Start saving today!
lost packages shipped in canada
Discover the impact of lost packages on e-commerce and how to navigate through Canada's shipping data. Learn strategies for success and optimization.
Find out the percentages of businesses that purchase labels but never ship packages and uncover smart strategies to unlock label efficiency.
Late Packages in Canada Which Carrier Performs Better?
Find out which carrier performs best and how to streamline your shipping strategy. Get the full perspective and ship with confidence!
First Scan Practices at Canada Post
Uncover the nuances of Canada Post's package scanning. Learn when and where packages are first scanned and what it means for business owners and logistics.
Package Exceptions Analysis
Dive into a comprehensive analysis of package exceptions. Discover how Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, and Purolator perform. Boost your logistics strategy.
Discover how Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, and Purolator stack up regarding average distance covered —essential insights for logistics professionals.
Discovering the Optimal Days for On-Time Delivery
Discover the optimal days to send packages with Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, and Purolator to ensure timely delivery—essential insights for shippers.
Shipping in Canada
Discover the fastest delivery times during the 3rd quarter of 2023. Compare Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, and Purolator. Make informed decisions!
Overhead shot of a busy Canadian dock with shipping trucks and a waving Canadian flag
Expert tips to save on shipping costs. Learn how to measure expenses, avoid surcharges, maximize insurance coverage, claim refunds, and more.
Save Big with Purolator
5 Easy Steps to Save Big with Purolator and Avoid Shipping Blunders
Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, & FedEx
Shipping Tips & Trends
Save big on shipping costs and avoid costly mistakes with Purolator. Learn five easy steps to optimize your shipping experience and save money. Read now!
Shipping Costs in Canada
Understand the factors affecting shipping costs and explore top shipping services. Discover strategies to reduce shipping fees and optimize your budget.
Unlocking Savings: Tips for Your Canada Post Commercial Invoice
Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, & FedEx
Shipping Tips & Trends
Learn how to reduce your Canada Post Commercial Invoice and save money. Analyze invoices, uncover surcharges, and access valuable insights.
UPS- Interface and refunds
How to Find Your UPS Credits: See Your Refunds in Three Easy Ways
Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, & FedEx
Shipping Tips & Trends
How to find and track your UPS credits and refunds in 3 easy ways. Compare tracking numbers, navigate the UPS interface, and understand invoice numbers.
Canada Post worker in action- Shipping Delivery Strategy
Discover the secrets to strategic shipping with Canada Post. Learn about delivery times, packaging, and how to optimize your shipping strategy.
Labeled packages at a Purolator office- Shipping Analysis Purolator
Dive into Purolator's shipping insights: delivery times, optimal send days, and key exceptions. Elevate your shipping strategy for business success.
UPS employee delivering a package - Shipping Statistics UPS
Explore UPS Canada's shipping trends: delivery times, distance insights, and handling exceptions. Maximize your shipping strategy with our analysis!
FedEx truck and shipping analysis
Explore FedEx insights from the Buster Fetcher Report: optimize e-commerce shipping times, tackle exceptions, and enhance strategy in Canada.
Confident Businessperson Beside Stacked Shipping Boxes Cost-Efficiency and Shipping Rate Optimization
Discover 19 insider tips for negotiating the best shipping rates with top carriers in Canada. Learn how to maximize savings for your business.
Learn how custom packaging can enhance brand recognition, elevate the customer experience, reflect your business's values, and ensure product safety.
Canada Post Employee checking manifest
Why Is It Crucial to Ensure Canada Post Scans Your Manifest for Packages?
E-commerce Tips & Trends
Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, & FedEx
Make Canada Post shipping better: Learn why scanned manifests help deliver faster, save money, and make customers happy.
10 Strategies to Offer Free Shipping for Online Businesses
E-commerce Tips & Trends
Shipping Tips & Trends
Learn to Offer Free Shipping & Cut Costs for E-Commerce. Boost Sales with Smart Strategies. Get Started Now!
How about a $52,800 mindset from a 7-year old!
Want to hear about an incredible mindset? How about a $52,800 mindset from a 7-year old! I want to tell you about Noah because this little guy, who will soon be 8 years old, is an example to follow for anyone with a dream! You’ll see, there are tons of lessons to learn! Oh, and by the way, Noah is my nephew and I am rather proud of him! 😊
The Unique Jewelry of La Joie en Rose
Karine Lajoie's La Joie en Rose offers a unique way to cherish motherhood memories. Learn about the art of crafting jewelry from breast milk.
Mathieu L. Simard and Naomi Berg from Futur Bamboo
Meeting with The future is bamboo: one of the first Canadian companies to make it easier for families to access eco-friendly household items.
Meet Ilana Grostern, the entrepreneur championing eco-friendly business practices. Discover her journey towards a greener, sustainable future.
IMG_3284 (2)
Unearth the secrets to finding and thriving in your e-commerce niche. Dive into strategies that make your brand unique and resonate with your audience.
Dive into strategies and insights to make the most of the biggest shopping days of the year. Boost your e-commerce sales with Buster Fetcher's expert tips.
Discover the story of Marie-Christine Goupil, a mother and entrepreneur, who's changing the landscape of adaptive clothing for children with disabilities.
free delivery 2
How to determine the order value from which you can reasonably offer free shipping for your online store
Entrepot ecommerce
How to organize your warehouse strategically to save time, avoid stress and help you be profitable.
Assurance livraison
Is shipping insurance worth the investment? Dive into the factors to consider, from product value to customer expectations, and make an informed decision.
livraison a étranger 1
Venturing into international shipping? Explore key considerations, from customs clearance to carrier selection, and ensure a smooth global expansion.
Économie shipping
Maximize your e-commerce profits by minimizing shipping costs. Dive into 14 actionable strategies to enhance efficiency and save money.
Customer satisfaction
How to achieve customer satisfaction while limiting the costs that will inevitably incur in shipping orders?
Conversion rate
Here are 7 strategies to increase your business’ conversion rate and make sure your visitors become loyal customers
4  boyz resized
From humble beginnings to tea magnates, follow the inspiring journey of four men reshaping the world of tea and creating endless possibilities.
Packaging guide 2
Inventory management and optimization, eco-friendly packaging: why and how to make the right choices
Guide emballage 1 resized-1
Unravel the world of packaging with this practical guide. Learn about shipping costs, packaging types, and best practices for e-commerce success.
Unlock the potential of personalized product packaging. Dive into its impact on branding, customer experience, and marketing success.
plateformes de chatbot
Choosing a Chatbot Platform
E-commerce Tips & Trends
Here are the top 6 most popular and easy-to-use chatbot platforms to help you make the right choice.
Thinking of a break but worried about your e-commerce? Dive into actionable tips to maintain business continuity, from automation tools to transparent communication with customers.
On aime les transporteurs-1
What does Buster Fetcher really think of those working for carriers? We have a great deal of respect for them!
Meet Bruno Lamarche, the visionary behind Northern Coffee, as he blends passion, expertise, and innovation to create a standout e-commerce coffee brand.
11 statistiques à connaitre sur le ecommerce
Stay ahead with the top 11 e-commerce statistics for 2023. Gain insights into market dynamics, consumer preferences, and growth strategies.
Amazon (shutterstock_1083512990)
Here's how to take inspiration from Amazon's best practices to propel your business online.
Nouveaux ecommerce (shutterstock_1185993298)
Embark on your e-commerce journey with confidence. Discover 12 actionable tips tailored for newcomers to achieve online business success.
Step into the unfiltered world of e-commerce with Jonathan Parent. Gain raw insights, strategies, and the realities of online business.
Free shipping (shutterstock_358981376)
8 tips that will help you offer free shipping while remaining profitable!
Trends ecomm (shutterstock_1171378096)
The 5 unavoidable challenges for e-commerce in 2019: here are the latest trends!
Kassiopeia par Ariann web-1 (1)
Discover how tailored packaging can transform your brand's image and customer engagement. Learn the art of creating memorable unboxing experiences.
Meet Rony Amar, e-commerce and marketing director at Deux par Deux, a man who is passionate about his work, who has tons of ideas, and who has taken the e-commerce turn to take the business even further!
Explore Karine Goulet's approach to intertwining nature with business. Learn how organic practices can lead to entrepreneurial success.
Can the use of chatbots improve your customer service? How are they useful for your business? Click to learn more about this new trend in e-commerce.
Caroline Lessard
Caroline Lessard's passion for jewelry and dedication to her craft shines through in Bijoux L’ESCARGOT. Dive into her story of entrepreneurship, innovation, and global success.
Canada Post mailbox
You changed your Canada Post password and would like to update it on your Buster Fetcher account too? Here are the steps to do so.
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