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How to Find Your UPS Credits: See Your Refunds in Three Easy Ways

Published on October 04, 2023

UPS- Interface and refunds


In the world of business and e-commerce, the only thing permanent — is change. And if you aren’t quick enough to adapt, you might get left behind!

The same goes for the ways we save money on shipping. Practical solutions are being developed each and every day by industry experts. 

That’s why if maximum profitability is your goal, you should be prepared to seize every opportunity that comes your way. 

Did you know? Container freight rates all over the world have been on a roller coaster ride from January 2019 to June 2023. In fact, September 2021 saw an astonishing record of freight rates hitting nearly $10,400!

Freight rates basically refer to the price at which a certain cargo is delivered from one point to another. This is a matter of concern not only for businesses that primarily rely on shipping products but for every person on Earth as well.

Why? Well, it has the potential to shake up an entire economy! Yes, it is that serious. With these huge numbers in mind, how do you think businesses and companies like yours can save shipping costs? 


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1. Using the Tracking Number

The first and simplest way to find your UPS refunds is by comparing the tracking number from both the invoices of UPS and Buster Fetcher®. Here are some easy steps on how to see them:

  • Just download the invoice that Buster Fetcher® provided. This document will contain a lot of crucial information about your company. Including the tracking number which is tied to the refund we’ve successfully secured. So make sure to take note of that! 

  • Now, you should examine the UPS invoice and find the “Service Refund/Guaranteed Service Refund” section which is usually at the left portion of the document. Take note also of the tracking number below it. 

  • The final step would be to verify if the two tracking numbers from the Buster Fetcher® and UPS invoices are identical. If both data match, then it’s confirmed that the refund amount has already been credited back to your account. 


2. Navigating the UPS Interface

Although the UPS interface tends to undergo occasional updates and changes, the website's basic functionalities remain the same. 

This only means that whatever happens, what I’m about to share will be helpful for you to navigate through the UPS interface to see your refunds. 

Are you ready? Here are the six easy-to-follow steps on how to do it:

  • Step 1: Sign in to your UPS account. 

  • Step 2: Proceed to the section “View and Pay Bill.”

  • Step 3: Click “Reporting & Search” on the side. This will enable you to access different information such as the Invoice Summary, Invoice Detail, Reference Number Detail, Tracking Number Detail, and Adjustments. 

  • Step 4: Since we’re interested in using your tracking number, choose the “Tracking Number Detail” option.

  • Step 5: Next, simply input the tracking number of the package for which we successfully obtained a refund. You can use Buster Fetcher’s® invoice to spot the tracking number easily.

  • Step 6: Finally, click “Submit”. Upon submission, you will notice that the tracking number will appear twice.

    • First, it indicates the Invoice Date. This is the date when you gave the package to UPS and billed you for it.

    • Second, is the Refund Date, signifying the date when your account has been credited the refund.


    Sometimes, a Reference Number also appears, providing us with more clues and insights regarding the refund.  

    To use the reference number, just click on the corresponding arrow beside it and a dropdown menu will appear. Notice that under “Shipping System/Adjustment”, you will see “Guaranteed System Refund” along with all the refunds we obtained for you together with the corresponding date.


3. Understanding Invoice Numbers

The third and final way to see your UPS refunds is through the invoice number. While it’s true that the tracking number tells the package’s story, the invoice number reveals to us its financial journey!

We’ll still be using the UPS interface for this method but with a slightly different approach. Here’s how:

  • Examine the Buster Fetcher® invoice that you received. You’ll notice that aside from the tracking number, there’s also an invoice number.

  • Now, this isn’t the same invoice number where you were billed by UPS. Why? Because it’s the invoice number corresponding to the refund you received from UPS.

  • All you have to do next is copy this number and go back to the UPS interface. Repeat steps 1 to 4 from the previous method, but this time, click on “Invoice Summary”.

  • Next, paste the invoice number and click on “Submit”. Upon submission, you will be redirected to a new page containing a detailed breakdown of all the tracking numbers from your account.

  • From there, you will notice the exact same tracking number listed on your Buster Fetcher® invoice, corresponding to the refund credited to your account. 

Now, you might notice that the refund you should’ve obtained is larger than what we’ve told you. Why is that? 

You’ll see that all of the amounts, including the refund, are under the column of “Published Charge”. Don’t be alarmed, this is normal! It simply means that these are the standard amounts for non-UPS account holders. 

If you want to see the actual refund amount credited to you, simply click the arrow right beside the tracking number. And that’s it! You can now see the actual refund amount that you received.


Tracking Your UPS Refunds: Conclusion

Finding and keeping track of your UPS refunds is a helpful practice for your business to guarantee that you are indeed getting the refunds you deserve.

And hey, Buster Fetcher® is more than happy to ensure that you’re satisfied with our services. After all, we aim to establish a win-win and long-lasting relationship with you that’s built on trust! 

If you want to watch the full version of this tutorial on how to access your UPS refunds, featuring Buster Fetcher’s® amazing CEO Matt Lessard, just click on this link

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The best part? You won’t need to pay us if we aren’t able to secure any refunds. Buster Fetcher® applies a win-win mentality where we ensure that you, our client, win first. 

So, what do you think? Just test us out! If you’re not satisfied — you can cancel anytime. But hey, I’m confident that this will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your business!


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Thousands of clients benefit from his expertise in finding refunds for late packages, optimizing costs, and clarifying their shipping profiles, thus helping businesses grow.

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