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How to Request a Refund From UPS for Late Delivery

Published on June 28, 2024

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Late deliveries can be a significant problem for businesses, leading to bad customer experience and potential revenue loss. If you're using UPS to ship your products to your clients, you'll be glad to know that they offer a money-back guarantee for certain services if they fail to meet their delivery commitments.

This guide will walk you through the process of claiming a refund for late UPS deliveries.

What is the UPS Service Guarantee?

UPS Service Guarantee is a free money-back guarantee for specific services if they deliver outside their time commitment. This policy lets you claim a refund for the shipping charges you paid if the package they were delivering arrived late. The guarantee applies to most UPS Air and International services, as well as UPS Ground shipments.

However, it's crucial to understand the fine print. The claim must be filed within 15 calendar days of the scheduled delivery date to be eligible for a refund.

How to Do a UPS Refund Request for Late Delivery

Before you file a UPS refund claim, you’ll want to make sure that your package was indeed delivered after the scheduled date. To do this, you’ll need to use the UPS's tracking system. Once confirmed, here's how you can proceed with your refund request.

What do you need before making a claim?

Before contacting UPS for a refund claim, make sure you have the following information:

  • UPS tracking number
  • Shipping date
  • Scheduled delivery date
  • Your UPS account number (if applicable)
  • Reason for the refund request

Now, let's go through the claim process.

File a Refund Request Online

This is probably the fastest way to file a refund claim if you do it yourself. Here’s how to do it:

For UPS account holders:

  1. Log into the UPS Billing Center online.
  2. Once logged in, you should be prompted to enter the UPS tracking number for the package that was delivered past the schedule date.
  3. Enter the required information, including the reason for the refund and details about the package.
  4. Submit your request.

File a Refund Request by Phone

If you don't have an online account or prefer to speak with someone, you can submit a claim by phone:

  1. Call 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877).
  2. Say "Refund" when prompted.
  3. Provide the representative with your tracking number and other necessary information.

What are the Process and Timelines for UPS Refund Requests?

The whole process generally takes between 8 and 15 business days once you’ve submitted your refund request. If your claim is approved, you can expect to receive the payment in the next 3 to 5 days.

Payment made directly to a bank account are faster. You can give your bank account information while filling the claim or after. You can also receive your payment by check via mail, but it might take up to 15 days.

Factors that May Affect the Processing Time

Several factors can influence how quickly your refund is processed:

  • Volume of refund requests
  • Complexity of the refund request
  • Accuracy of information provided
  • Peak shipping seasons

Common Issues and How to Address Them

There are some common mistakes that might be avoided when filling a late delivery claim for your UPS package. Here are some of them and how to avoid them:

  1. Missed 15-Day Refund Request Window: Unfortunately, UPS is strict about this timeframe. Always file your claim as soon as possible.
  2. Using a Non-Guaranteed Service: Refunds are not available for services like UPS SurePost. Ensure you're using an eligible service.
  3. Shipping from a UPS Store: Refunds for these shipments must be claimed directly with the store, not UPS.
  4. Delays Due to Weather, Customs, etc.: UPS may not honor refunds for late deliveries caused by events beyond their control.

Automating the UPS Refund Process for Your Late Delivery

For businesses shipping large volumes, manually tracking and claiming refunds can be time-consuming. Consider using a third-party auditing service like Buster Fetcher to automatically file claims and ensure you never miss a refund opportunity.

By understanding UPS's refund policies and following this guide, you can recoup some of your shipping costs and mitigate the impact of late deliveries on your business. Stay proactive, keep your documentation in order, and don't hesitate to claim what you're owed.

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Thousands of clients benefit from his expertise in finding refunds for late packages, optimizing costs, and clarifying their shipping profiles, thus helping businesses grow.

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