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5 Easy Steps to Save Big with Purolator and Avoid Shipping Blunders

Save Big with Purolator


Every detail counts. No matter how big or small it is, one mistake can either make or break your business! 

Just imagine — for every $100 you spend on shipping, $5 just… vanishes. Gone with the wind! Why? Simply because of shipping errors. 

That’s right. 5% of a business's shipping costs are gone yearly due to mistakes we often overlook. But the good news? These are totally preventable!

Thanks to the incredible partnership of Buster Fetcher® and Purolator, we’ve unlocked more saving opportunities for businesses like yours. 

And today, we uncovered five major tips to help you optimize your shipping experience with Purolator. It’s time to dodge those costly shipping mistakes and save money! 

So, are you ready to Win the Shipping Game™? Read on!


1. Verify the Correct Address: Input the Postal Code First  

Correct address to save on shipping

Did you know that 51% of online shoppers missed out on receiving at least one package in a span of 6 months? 

This 2019 study by Clutch captured the attention of many, especially when the primary reasons were revealed by supply chain expert Karan Singh. 

And guess what? The reasons are incorrect addresses on shipping labels and missing labels. A simple mistake that could’ve been easily avoided! 

Why it’s crucial: No, it’s not just about a mere lost package we’re talking about. Incorrect addresses can snowball into worse problems for your business such as: 

  • Unexpected costs from additional fees 
  • Tarnished brand reputation
  • Bad customer experience

What you should do: Start with the Postal Code when entering shipping data into the Purolator interface. Sounds ordinary, right? But this simple step will help you: 

  • Validate the associated street and house number.
  • Guarantee that your parcel arrives at the right address. 
  • Avoid paying address correction fees. 

Bonus Tip

What if you can’t find your customer’s street name after entering the postal code?

It takes about four months for Canada Post and Purolator to integrate new addresses into its interface. Meanwhile, what you can do is override the verification and manually enter the address.


2. Keep the Communication Channels Open: Always Enter the Email

communication shipping with customers

You might be wondering — “Is this really a great tip?” Well, nowadays, 51% of shoppers want real-time visibility into the status of their orders.

And I agree! Whenever I order something online, I always check my email to see if all the information is correct. You know, to avoid unnecessary problems and receive my orders on time. 

Why it’s a game-changer: A simple email can act as another layer of verification to bridge the gap between uncertainty and assurance! 

What you should do: Make it a habit to input your client's email address when entering the shipping details. By doing so, you:

  • Send a confirmation email to the client, containing all their necessary order and shipping information.
  • Give them an opportunity to double-check every detail before the item leaves your premises. So if there’s a mistake, it can be easily resolved as soon as possible.
  • Give them an idea of when to expect their package, setting clear delivery expectations.

Bonus Tip

Also, you can input the client's phone number, especially if they're using the "Purolator Your Way" app. By doing this, they’ll receive an order confirmation via text, which is another level of verification to avoid errors.

lower your next Canada Post commercial invoices


3. Foresee the Financials: Estimate Shipping Costs Before Placing the Order

To understand this tip deeply, let me tell you a story about one of our Purolator customers whom we’ll call — Robin. Robin runs an e-commerce business selling handmade soaps. She always gets excited whenever an order comes in! 

One day, Robin received an order and immediately processed all of the shipping information on the Purolator interface. After filling up all the details, she was prompted to choose between “Estimate” and “Order” at the end of the process. 

Robin chose “Order” and then proceeded to print the shipping labels, prepare the package, and ship it with Purolator. When Robin received her account statement, she was ultimately shocked because of the excessive shipping costs! 

After reviewing her account statement, Robin realized that she made a huge mistake — she entered the wrong package weight. Instead of 11 lbs, she used 11 kilograms! 

Now, this costly mistake would’ve been avoided if Robin had chosen the “Estimate” option first instead of placing the order right away. 

What you should do: Make it a part of your shipping process to always tap first on the “Estimate” button before choosing “Order”. In this way, you’ll be able to examine an accurate estimate of your shipping costs and identify potential mistakes in information.  

Bonus Tip

If you seek convenience, consider having your Purolator rep configure your settings to auto-display the estimate as you approach checkout.


4. Ditch the Credit Card for Payments

Payment for shipping options

Probably you’ll agree that the most convenient payment method nowadays is via credit card, right? All you have to do is tap or swipe your card and you’re good to go. 

But when it comes to paying for your Purolator shipping expenses, using your credit card for payments is a big mistake. Why? Let’s find out!

Why it’s a mistake: If you pay for Purolator shipping using your credit card instead of adding it to your account, you won't get the special rates you've agreed upon with them. Believe me, I made this exact same mistake.

What you should do: It’s not just about how you pay, but when and where you pay that counts. Always make sure to use the “Charge to Account” feature of Purolator. This move promises not only smoother transactions but also lets you enjoy the discounted rates you agreed with Purolator, especially if you’re part of the Buster Fetcher® Shipping Club

When the shipping costs are already charged to your account, you will receive an invoice from Purolator. Then, you’re now free to use any payment method you want! 


5. Embrace Purolator’s Packaging: It Pays to be Brand Loyal

Purolator’s packaging supplies

After entering all the shipping information in the Purolator interface, you will have the option to choose what packaging to use for your product. 

Will you be using your own packaging? Or one of Purolator’s packaging supplies? If you ask me, I’d use one of Purolator’s boxes or envelopes. And I’ll tell you why! 

But hey, if you’re using personalized packaging, then that’s perfectly fine as well.

Just consider this an additional tip to help you save on shipping costs in the future in case you change your packaging preferences. 

What you should do: If your company isn’t into customized packaging, then switch to using Purolator's packaging supplies. Why? Simple, it’s practical!  

You can easily snag these directly from Purolator or via your representative. It’s very convenient, you can save on packaging expenses, and some accounts even enjoy discounted rates for using Purolator-branded packaging. See? That’s already a lot of savings!


Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of Expert Tips

To Win the Shipping Game™, you don’t have to do complicated things. Sometimes, you just need to follow straightforward advice from experts and use it in your shipping procedures. 

With these five proven and tested tips from Buster Fetcher®, I’m sure that your business will be able to save significant shipping costs and deliver an impeccable shopping experience to your customers.

But hey, if you’re having problems optimizing your shipping strategies or you simply want to save more on your shipping expenses, then just subscribe to Buster Fetcher®.  

Whether you’re shipping with Purolator, Canada Post, FedEx, or UPS, we’ll be more than happy to help you identify every saving opportunity within your shipping process. And in 98% of cases, we’ll definitely help you save even more money!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the shipping revolution today. For more information, you can visit BusterFetcher.com or call 1-844-311-3088.


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