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Why Is the Unboxing Experience Important?



Have you ever received a gift and felt butterflies in your stomach just because of the wrapping?

Well, that’s exactly how the power of packaging works!

According to Ipsos, 72% of shoppers admit that they’re swayed to buy a product just because of its custom packaging design. 

In the world of online shopping, a fun, and unforgettable unboxing experience could be the perfect recipe to make your customers come back for more.

So let your imagination run freely and strive to create an unboxing experience your customers will forever remember!



Unraveling the Unboxing Experience: First Impressions Matter

‘First impressions last.’ Nothing beats the extraordinary feeling of being special, right?

The emotion, anticipation, and connection you establish with your customers during their first time buying from your store can create a long-lasting relationship. For sure!

Just think about it — let’s say you bought exactly the same product from two different stores. The first one arrived in perfect condition but packaged in a plain and simple box. 

The second one also arrived in perfect condition, but this time it’s packaged in a special wrapper, with colorful ribbons, and even includes a handcrafted thank you letter with your name on it.

Now, let me ask you this — from which store would you buy again? The first one or the second one? I’ll let you answer that for yourself!

See? So if you’re still using some boring boxes for your product’s packaging, this is a sign for you to upgrade. 

According to Pregis, excellent packaging increases customers’ perception of the product's value by 45%. That’s a lot!

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Why Plain Packaging Just Doesn’t Cut It

It’s true. A packaging’s primary purpose is to protect your product from potential damages during transit. 

But hey, it doesn’t have to be limited to just one purpose! 

You can always hit two birds with one stone by letting your packaging captivate your customers’ interest. 

With a little bit of creativity, you can transform your packaging into a grand introduction to your company’s wonderful products!

And guess what? Based on Globe Newswire’s survey, about 67% of consumers agree that they’re influenced by the packaging material of a product they buy! 

Not only that, but Packaging Digest also proved that upgrading your package isn’t a one-hit-wonder. 52% of consumers actually plan to make repeat purchases from online merchants that deliver premium packaging. 

See? These stats are speaking facts! Settling to use plain packaging for your business is like letting a golden opportunity slip out of your hands. 

So make sure to upgrade your packaging now!


Make Your Box Talk: Silent Yet Powerful Branding

Now, let’s focus on how you can make your packaging a powerful marketing tactic. Because let’s face it — a box has never been just a vessel. It’s something more! 

One way to look at it is by thinking of your box as your brand’s personal spokesperson. It should be able to promote and market your company on your behalf at all times. 

Here's how your packaging can tell a great story about your business:

  • Color Power: Choosing the perfect color for your brand is an important factor to establish a deep connection with your customers. Yes,  it’s not just about the aesthetics. Pantone Color Institute even claimed that the right color choice can escalate brand recognition by a whopping 80%! 

  • Logo Clarity: Of course, developing a clear yet prominent and eye-catching logo is also a great way to introduce your brand’s presence. Your logo needs to instill a lasting impression on your customers every time!

  • Print Precision: Ensuring crisp, detailed, and high-quality printing speaks volumes about your company’s professionalism. It gives customers an idea of how every detail matters to you, down to the smallest print!

  • Shape Speaks: You should also take advantage of your packaging’s shape and structure! It doesn’t have to be completely functional and boring all the time. Be creative and develop a design that protects your products but at the same time promotes your brand’s unique and innovative culture! 

Don’t let your packaging be something that your customers would immediately throw away after receiving your products. 

Strive to develop packaging that would make them cherish the memory of ordering from your store. How? By focusing on each tiny detail that matters!

Let your box do the talking. Make it highlight your brand’s uniqueness, creativity, and commitment to its customers. 


Custom Packaging: Your Secret Marketing Weapon

Making your customers feel and know that what they ordered is specially created for them goes a long way. And one way to make them feel special is by creating custom packaging! 

Remember, your goal now is not only to create packaging that protects your products but one that’s also able to communicate to your customers! 


Making Customers Smile: The Little Touches in Packaging

Sometimes, all you have to think about is how you can make your customers smile upon receiving their orders. 

After all, what you wanted to create is a connection with them, right? So treat your customers as if they were your closest friends, family, and even loved ones! 

Did you know? MacFarlane Packaging even found out that customer loyalty can increase by as much as 40% when personalization is used in packaging.

See? So never hesitate to go the extra mile and include customized notes, vibrant graphics, or cute decorations to make a long-lasting impression.

Trust me, these little touches do wonders for your customer’s satisfaction! 


Going Green and Gaining Love: Sustainable Packaging Choice

Nowadays, the more environmentally conscious your business is, the better! Let’s face it — pollution is absolutely getting out of hand. 

So make sure to join the movement by using sustainable packaging for your products! 

Hey, it does more than just help to make the world a better place. It’s also an effective strategy that boosts your brand’s image and increases customer approval! 

Showing your commitment to helping the environment and aligning your brand with your customers’ values is a great way to enhance your reputation.

Oh, and get this — Meyers said that 73% of consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging. See? Make the switch to biodegradable or recycled materials now!


Secure and Stylish: Ensuring Product Safety

Ah, of course. We’ve been talking about a lot of things to upgrade your packaging into special and stylish designs, right? 

But let’s not forget the main purpose of your packaging. The safety of your products always comes first. Everything that follows is just a bonus. Remember that! 

No matter how beautiful and impressive your packaging is, if the product inside it is damaged or broken, then it’s all useless. 

Make sure that your company uses high-quality, reliable, and protective packaging materials so your product reaches your customers safely. A damaged item can harm your brand’s reputation permanently, so be careful! 


Investing in Boxes, Building Future Profits

In the world of E-Commerce where competition is at an all-time high, one of the best decisions you can make to gain an edge is to invest in high-quality packaging. 

Why? Well, not all boxes are created the same. There are types of boxes that are more durable and reliable, yet more expensive. But hey, they’re definitely much more worth it in the long run! 

In fact, Westrock confirmed that investing in packaging is the most impactful action that a brand can take to improve customer satisfaction. Especially in terms of safety and reliability! 

Oh, and choosing the right material for your packaging such as paper and cardboard also affects customer satisfaction. 

According to Globe Newswire, 63% of consumers agree that paper and cardboard packaging makes a product seem more premium or high quality. 

Creating an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience: Four Reasons It Matters 

So, if upgrading your packaging is one of the last things you want to do for your business, then better shake things up.

I’ve said it again and again but I’ll emphasize it once more — packaging isn’t just a mere container, it’s an emotion, an experience! 

So yes, it absolutely matters. And here are the four major reasons why:

1. Custom Packaging Is Your Marketing Powerhouse

  • Brand Recognition: Just think about it — the first thing that your customer would see when they receive their orders is not your product, right? Yes, it’s the packaging! And it leaves a lasting impression that your customers will remember whenever they think about your brand. So make the first time count!

  • Impression and Attraction: A product with stylish and premium packaging is very tempting to buy, isn’t it? It attracts a lot of potential customers and converts them into devoted customers. Like a magnet! 

  • Free Publicity: Ah, just imagine yourself walking around a busy street — and all of a sudden, you see a person holding a custom packaging of your own brand, sporting your company logo and premium designs. Do you see what I mean? That’s free advertising and brand exposure! In fact, 40% of consumers are ready to showcase your brand on social media if it stands out, so if you ask me — totally worth it!

  • Business Growth: Leveling up your packaging game actually grows your business, and statistics back it up! Packaging of the World claims that 30% of businesses have increased their revenue just by upgrading their packaging. And hey, 30% is a lot!

2. It Elevates the Customer Experience

  • Unique Experience: As Jon Loew, the CEO of Vift once said, “Online purchases, especially gifts, should be unique and personalized experiences, not mere products chosen from a catalog”. Indeed, buying products online should also convey feelings and emotions. And one way to ensure that is by making the packaging special, so it stands out upon receipt! 

  • Details Matter: The best example of this is Tomorrowland — an electronic music festival in Belgium that takes custom packaging to the next level! Ticket buyers don’t just receive ordinary tickets inserted in an envelope, no. They receive it thru a music box containing the festival’s full program along with an elegant bracelet!

  • Simple Yet Effective Gestures: Hey, you don’t always have to put together grand gestures just to make your customers feel special, okay? A simple handwritten note, a sample from upcoming products, or limited-time vouchers can already make a difference. 


3. It Reflects Your Business’s Values

  • Identity Showcase: Your brand’s packaging also speaks a lot about your company’s personality. This is what Poches & Fils, a dynamic, cool, and creative company from Quebec exactly did. 

They shipped their products in — are you ready for this? — pizza boxes! Yes, and it absolutely works because it echoes their brand’s fun and innovative culture. 


4. It Ensures Your Products’ Safety

  • More Than Just A Box: Your packaging’s goal isn’t just to contain your products. It should be able to ensure that your items, especially fragile and unique ones, can reach customers in perfect condition!

  • Carrier Considerations: If your company is shipping products with carriers like Canada Post and Amazon, beware of the harsh handling procedures it might face! 

In Canada Post, one way to know if your packaging will be able to withstand the procedures is by holding your package at arm’s length and then dropping it to the ground. If your product remains intact, then your packaging is good! 

However, the rumble and tumble that your packaging will face on Amazon is a different story. It’s estimated that your package will drop eight times at a height of 5 feet each during the handling procedure. Ah, that’s harsh indeed! 

  • Specialized Solutions: But don’t worry! Those are precisely the reasons why companies like Cartonek in Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce exist. They specialize in creating custom and durable boxes to have the perfect packaging for your company’s products. So they can safely arrive at your customer’s doorstep no matter what happens!


The Investment Perspective

I know, you’re right. Custom packaging is definitely an additional cost. 

But hey, I’d like to look at it as more than just an extra expense. I prefer to see it as a strategic investment! 

One that would ensure product safety, effectively promote the company, and most of all, establish customer loyalty. See? Not so bad at all, right?

If you play your cards right and use this strategic investment to your advantage, it would definitely do wonders for your brand! 


The Power of Custom Packaging and the Unboxing Experience: Conclusion

Ah, we’ve now explored the amazing world of packaging!

I hope you understood how a simple tweak of creativity can greatly impact your customers’ experience and business growth!

No, your product’s packaging doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated all the time. It just needs to hit the right mark. 

Keep in mind that your packaging also represents the brand’s values, character, and culture. It’s an extension of what you are as a company. So make the most out of it! 

However, let’s face it — upgrading your packaging is indeed an investment. And it also comes with a hefty price tag. 

So if you’re wondering where to get that extra budget to upgrade your packaging, look no further — Buster Fetcher is here to lend a hand by seizing every opportunity to reduce your shipping costs!

We specialize in claiming refunds for your late-delivered packages, getting personalized reports based on your company’s shipping profile, negotiating better shipping rates, and more! 

All you have to do is to subscribe to our services and we’ll work relentlessly to recover the amounts owed to you by shipping carriers like Canada Post, FedEx, and Purolator. 

The great news is that you can reinvest your shipping costs saved by Buster Fetcher into something that can further grow your business — custom packaging. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and together, we’ll start winning!






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