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What does Buster Fetcher Think of Those Working for Carriers?

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Here at Buster Fetcher, we strive daily to help small and large businesses get the refunds they are entitled to in the event of a service failure by their carriers (mostly late deliveries). These refunds are guaranteed by the carriers themselves and you can easily find the terms in the agreement you signed with them or on their website.


Today, I would like to discuss how Buster Fetcher feels about the people working for these carriers. Very simply, my team and I have a great deal of respect for them! In fact, we have many friends who are working or have worked in the field of transportation.




As I was sitting down to write this article, a UPS truck pulled up my driveway and a very kind and smiling gentleman delivered my new phone, and guess what? The product was in perfect condition and was delivered on time.


Truth is, even if our job is to find service failures in order to get our customers the refunds they are entitled to, we know that all those working in transportation – postmen, delivery people, or couriers – do the best work they can in conditions that are at times very difficult… Especially in Quebec’s winters, out in the country! They spend time on the road, stuck in traffic, and are expected to adhere to a busy schedule.


In spite of all the constraints, most deliveries by Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, Purolator, or others are more than satisfactory and completed on time. As it should, otherwise they would go bankrupt!


There are a number of reasons for late deliveries: bad weather, traffic jams, road work, or mechanical issues, just to name a few.


Buster Fetcher’s goal is certainly not to depreciate the work of carriers. We all depend on them!




By enforcing the guarantees the carriers themselves offer, we help our clients get the money they are entitled to get back, which allows them to reinvest it in their businesses. Essentially, we are only helping them to be aware of and exercise their rights.


For example, let’s say you purchase a vacuum cleaner, but it stops working after two days. You will bring it back expecting the warranty to be respected and to get your money refunded, will you not? Or course, that is your right, and it would be silly to not do it.


We are not against carriers, but we work for e-commerce businesses helping them compete with giants such as Amazon, and to succeed in doing so!


Not all late deliveries result in a refund. In the event of staff going on strike or a natural disaster, for example, your carrier cannot be held responsible. That is sensible.


It’s also the sender’s responsibility to properly fill out the recipient’s information, and the recipient to retrieve the goods. If no one comes to the door, the delivery person is obliged to leave a note and come back later or inform the recipient where he should pick up the package. The package then becomes the recipient’s responsibility.




Buster Fetcher helps our local businesses to have their rights respected in order to make their businesses grow, but know that the carriers you deal with do their utmost to serve you to the best of their ability. They have no interest in not doing so!


Therefore, continue to trust in their service, make sure you maintain good communication with them. They want you to succeed – and so do we!

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