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Why Is It Crucial to Ensure Canada Post Scans Your Manifest for Packages?

Canada Post Employee checking manifest

If you’re reading this blog right now, chances are, you’re shipping with Canada Post. Am I right? 

Well, if that’s the case, there’s also a high chance that you don’t know what I’m about to tell you. But hey, this could be a game-changer for your business!

Normally, when a Canada Post employee comes to pick up your packages, you simply give him what is called your ‘manifest’. 

And then, minutes later, the employee leaves to go to his next stop. Do you see the problem with this? No? 

The problem here is that the Canada Post employee left without scanning your manifest!

Now, you might be asking — So what? Is that a big deal?

The answer? A big YES. 

Making sure that your Canada Post manifests are scanned can create huge financial impacts and even affect your customer service reputation. 

But, what is a ‘manifest’ anyway and what could you be missing out on?

This guide will leave no questions unanswered as we walk you through all the crucial things you need to understand about Canada Post manifests. 

And why you should never ever leave your packages unscanned!

First of All, What Is a Canada Post Manifest?

Before we begin, let us clarify the importance of a Canada Post manifest. And how it changes the shipping game for your business!

A manifest is basically a document containing a compilation of all your packages for the day. But it’s not just some ordinary list, it’s also a time-saving genius! 

This comprehensive document allows Canada Post employees to simply scan the code to process all of the items in one go. 

Well, it totally makes sense if you think about it. Instead of scanning hundreds of packages one by one, everything can be processed in mere seconds!

But there’s something that you, and probably some Canada Post employees don’t realize — that it would cost your business an extra $2.00 per package if you’re not able to show your manifest. 

Yup, that’s a lot of unnecessary expenses you’d never want! 

Alright, so here's a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about your manifest:

  • Manifest Explained: To keep it simple, think of a manifest as a detailed inventory list of all your shipments for the day. It also serves as proof of payment that you must always be able to provide when Canada Post comes to pick up your packages. Especially if you’re a commercial shipper using contract shipping web services! 

  • A Must for Business Shipments: If you’re a commercial shipper and it’s mandatory for your account to always accompany your shipments with a manifest, then make sure to comply. 

  • Tech to the Rescue: Guess what, there are also a lot of available tools to help you ease the hassle. For instance, Canada Post has a free software called EST 2.0 that can electronically send the manifest to Canada Post for you. It’s also perfect for large-volume shippers because it’s able to group and send multiple shipments at once! Other shipping software such as OrderCup, ShipStation, etc is also helpful.

  • Always Have a Physical Copy: Now this one’s absolutely a must. Since you have to surrender your manifest to the Canada Post employee, always print a physical copy if your account requires that your shipments need to be accompanied by a manifest.

To sum it up, it’s absolutely a must that Canada Post scans your manifest for packages. It helps maintain a smooth process for your shipments, avoids unexpected surcharges, and ultimately gives your business peace of mind.


The Problem with Unscanned Manifests

Now let’s talk about the problem. 

Yes, the one where a Canada Post employee comes to pick up your packages and then leaves without scanning the manifest. 

This might seem a small thing at first, right? But mind you, this can snowball into a lot of bigger issues along the way. 

If a manifest isn't scanned, then it’s worthless. It might as well be invisible! 

But do you know what becomes really visible? A lot of customer complaints and lost money along with all of these consequences below:

  • Invalid Claims for Lost Package Refund: Here’s one problem — if your manifest isn’t scanned and Canada Post lost your package, you don’t really have any proof that they have it. And to make matters worse, you won’t be able to claim your lost package refund either! 

  • Customer Complaints: Just think about this — a customer bought your product, then you prepared the order and successfully shipped it out. Now, the problem is that Canada Post wasn’t able to scan the manifest containing that product.

    So what the customer would only see is that their package is still being prepared by your store until Canada Post itself processes the package. See? Can you imagine all the questions and complaints you would get from your customers for that time interval? That’d be a lot! 

  • The ‘First Scan’ Problem: Another thing you should keep in mind is that Canada Post’s On-Time Guarantee Policy strictly begins after the first scan of your manifest.

    Here’s a scenario — let’s say you ship a package at 3h45pm, and a Canada Post employee picks it up but didn’t scan the manifest until it arrives at the sorting facility at 8h45pm. Since it’s already past the cut-off time, the On-Time Guarantee will formally begin on the next day.
    So your customer would think that you shipped their package later than what you promised and at the same time, you lose one day in the delivery process which would help a lot in claiming refunds for late-delivered packages.

According to the Buster FetcherR Report, this ‘First Scan’ Problem happens to a shocking 16.86% of all the packages in Canada. With an even more surprising record of 44.53% for British Columbia! 



The Domino Effect of Unscanned Manifests

Oh, here’s another problem with unscanned manifests — customer dissatisfaction!

Let's illustrate this with an example, shall we? 

Imagine that you dispatched a package on July 11th. All the electronic information has also been duly submitted.

However, there was absolutely no update until July 15th, when it was reported that the package was processed at the sorting center.

So, where’s the update that the package was picked up by Canada Post?

You might be thinking that this is a minor issue, but no. It’s a discrepancy that your customers will definitely notice. 

How? Well, just place yourself in the shoes of your customers. 

When you buy a product online that you really want, you’ll probably monitor its delivery status from time to time, right? 

In this case, they’ll see that while the package was supposedly shipped on July 11th, there's no evidence of any actual movement until four days later. 

The aftermath? Your business receiving the short end of the stick — tons of customer queries, complaints, and of course, financial setbacks. 

Financial Repercussions: A Hidden Pitfall

Oh, you think that’s all of the consequences? Unfortunately, nope. There’s a bigger trap that you have to avoid. 

Just look into your agreement with Canada Post, specifically clause It states that:

"The guarantee is based on the service provided from the time of pickup or acceptance of the Item by Canada Post to the time the delivery was first attempted.” (Source: Canada Post - Parcel Services Customer Guide)

Basically, the clause states that if Canada Post doesn’t scan your manifest, the clock on their guarantee doesn't start ticking until the package reaches the sorting center.

So you might be wondering — What if there’s a delay in delivery? What if the package gets lost? What if it gets stolen?

That’s exactly the point. Without having the manifest scanned, you lack evidence to claim delays or pursue possible refunds and reimbursements.

The lesson? Always make sure that your Canada Post manifests get scanned!


Taking Proactive Steps: Your Best Defense

Well, ensuring that your Canada Post manifests get scanned is sometimes easier said than done. 

For instance, what if the Canada Post employee refuses to cooperate? 

In that case, it’s time to educate them about the business implications of failure to scan the manifests. 

But hey, always in a calm and professional manner, okay? Give them a chance to explain and try to understand the challenges on their part.

Some of the most common issues in the scanning routine are depleted batteries and extreme weather conditions. 

But if you think about it, these can be avoided with the help of forward-thinking measures, right?

For example, maintaining a stock of backup batteries is a great start!

Not only does it prevent scanning disruptions from happening, but also reinforces a culture of readiness and diligence in your business. 

lower your next Canada Post commercial invoices


Scanning Your Canada Post Manifest and Shipping Smarter: Final Thoughts

Indeed. Small things matter the most!

Ensuring the prompt scanning of your Canada Post manifest might seem a minor detail in your shipping process. 

But taking the time to do this goes a long way for your business. 

It avoids accumulating a giant snowball effect consisting of customer complaints, overflowing inquiries, and ultimately, financial losses.

So do it! Make a daily reminder, set an alarm, or simply instill it into your business culture — always have your manifests scanned.

But wait — here’s a bonus! If you want to optimize your shipping process and potentially save a lot of expenses, then contact Buster Fetcher right away!

We can help you claim refunds for your late-delivered packages, negotiate shipping rates thru the Buster Fetcher Shipping Club, create comprehensive analysis reports, and more!

With a proven track record of helping thousands of businesses across Canada reduce their shipping bills with top carriers like Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, and Purolator, your company’s shipping process will definitely be in good hands. 

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Buster Fetcher today and watch those shipping savings roll in!






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