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Q3 2023 Data: What You Need to Know of First Scan Practices at Canada Post

First Scan Practices at Canada Post


Let’s talk about that tiny yet significant beep at Canada Post—the first package scan. It's the unsung hero of your package's journey, the digital signal that says, "Let's get started!”

But what happens when that beep comes not at the starting line, but a little way down the track?

We've got the scoop from the Buster Fetcher Report Shipping Data , and it turns out, the timing of this first scan is a pretty big deal!

This timestamp serves as the heartbeat of trust between you, your customers, and the postal service.

And guess what? The plot thickens when packages skip the initial scan, creating ripples of concern in their delivery narrative.

Why's that, you ask? Because when packages aren't scanned at pickup, but later at sorting centers, it's a bit like our postal system saying 'Ready?' long after the race has started. This can throw off delivery times, affect late delivery claims, and could even dent your reputation for punctuality.

So if you're ready to unpack why that first beep matters and how you can make sure your packages aren't just wandering off unaccounted for, stay tuned.

We're diving deep into the importance of first scans at Canada Post and how ensuring they happen right off the bat can save the day.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Investigating Initial Scans: Discrepancies at Canada Post Sorting Centers

Percentage of Packages First Scanned at Canada Post Sorting Centres

What are the implications for business owners regarding Canada Post's scanning practices?

Are there any known delays or issues with Canada Post's scanning procedures?

Takeaway: Navigating Canada Post's Scanning Practices


Investigating Initial Scans: Discrepancies at Canada Post Sorting Centers

Revealing Inconsistencies:

We’ve discovered a significant trend at Canada Post—packages are initially scanned at sorting centers, not upon receipt, affecting the accuracy of late delivery claims and business reputations.

Impact on Trust and Perception:

This inconsistency leads to trust issues and poses risks for diligent businesses, as unscanned packages lose traceability, affecting customer satisfaction and delivery reliability.

A Scenario to Consider:

Imagine a package picked up on Monday but scanned that night—it’s marked as shipped on Tuesday, deeming it on time and ineligible for refunds.

Taking Precautions:

Awareness and action are key. Businesses should ensure immediate scanning upon handover, be prepared for scanner issues, and communicate the importance of timely scanning to carrier employees.


Percentage of Packages First Scanned at Canada Post Sorting Centres

Percentage of Packages First Scanned at Canada Post Sorting Centres

  • National Overview: Across Canada, an average of 15.50% of packages are first scanned at Canada Post sorting centers rather than upon receipt.

  • British Columbia's Notable Trend: British Columbia stands out with a strikingly high 40.95% of packages initially scanned at sorting centers—almost 3 times the national average. This may indicate a significant operational challenge or oversight in this province.

  • Quebec & Ontario: Both these provinces hover around the national average with Ontario at 14.85% and Quebec at 14.03%.

  • Lowest Discrepancy in Saskatchewan: On the other end of the spectrum, Saskatchewan demonstrates the lowest percentage at just 5.03%, indicating better adherence to the recommended scanning process in this region.

  • Other Provinces: New Brunswick also exhibits a notably high percentage of 30.99%, while Nova Scotia seems to be performing better with only 10.66% of packages scanned at sorting centers.

Given these observations, shippers operating, especially in British Columbia and New Brunswick, should be particularly vigilant and proactive in ensuring timely scanning protocols.


What are the implications for business owners regarding Canada Post's scanning practices?

When packages are first scanned at sorting centers rather than upon receipt, it can have several implications:

  • Tracking and Transparency: So, when Canada Post does its initial scans at sorting centers, it can mess with the tracking updates a bit. You might want to give your customers a heads-up that the tracking info might not light up right after they hand over their package.

  • Delivery Timing: Yep, this delay in scanning can throw off delivery timing a tad. It's a good idea to set clear expectations with your customers about when their goodies will show up.

  • Customer Satisfaction: With those delayed tracking updates, you might get a few more customer inquiries. No worries, though—just make sure you're ready to chat with them and give them the lowdown.

  • Refund Policies: Oh, and speaking of timing, this delay could also affect your refund policies related to shipping times. It's probably smart to check and tweak those policies as needed.

Recommendations for Shippers:

To combat these issues, we advise shippers to:

  1. Prioritize Immediate Scanning: Shippers should insist that carriers scan manifests upon pickup to ensure accurate tracking and legal proof of timely collection.
  2. Be Prepared: Have spare batteries available in case of scanner issues.
  3. Educate and Communicate: Engage with carrier employees about the importance of immediate scanning.
  4. Document Pickups: Maintain records of pickup dates, times, and responsible personnel to serve as backup evidence if needed.


Are there any known delays or issues with Canada Post's scanning procedures?

Now, let's talk about some hiccups and delays you might encounter due to Canada Post's scanning procedures:

  • Delayed Tracking Updates: Since Canada Post's initial scans happen at sorting centers, tracking updates might be fashionably late. Tell your customers to expect a bit of a delay in tracking info.

  • Impact on Delivery Estimates: Those scanning delays can mess with your estimated delivery times. Make sure you factor in this delay when you're telling your customers when their packages will arrive.

  • Customer Inquiries: You might get a few curious customers asking about their packages with delayed tracking updates. No biggie, just be ready to respond to their questions.

  • Refunds and Claims: If there are late deliveries because of delayed scanning, you'll want to handle refund requests or claims like a pro. Keep good records of drop-off dates and times to help you out in these situations.


Takeaway: Navigating Canada Post's Scanning Practices

Alright, fellow business champs, let's sum it up: Canada Post's scanning practices can be a bit quirky, but with the right approach, you've got this!

Flexibility and clear communication are your best friends. Roll with the punches, keep your customers in the loop, and be ready to tackle any questions that come your way.

The shipping world is an ever-changing adventure, and you're the captain of your ship. So, navigate those scanning quirks, and keep those packages on track.

Your dedication to customer satisfaction will keep your business thriving, no matter what surprises Canada Post's scanning practices throw your way.

Want to dive deeper into these insights? Download the full Buster Fetcher Report Shipping Data for a comprehensive guide to navigating the world of shipping. Your next level of shipping success awaits!


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