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Q3 2023 Data: Late Packages in Canada Which Carrier Performs Better?

Published on November 11, 2023

Late Packages in Canada Which Carrier Performs Better?


Have you ever tracked a package and felt that little rush when you see it's arrived on time?

We get it, timely deliveries are a big deal—both for businesses and customers alike!

That’s why when it comes to picking a carrier, it's all about clear expectations, and delivery guarantees are how carriers earn that trust.

Think of delivery guarantees as a firm handshake from your carrier, a solid pledge that they'll deliver the goods on schedule. These promises are golden when you're deciding on a shipping ally!

We know choosing a carrier can sometimes feel like a gamble between cost and speed. So, we’re giving you the full picture with the Buster Fetcher Report Shipping Data!

And guess what? We're talking about a massive dive into over 1.7 million packages sent through Canada Post, FedEx, and Purolator from July to September 2023. That's a lot of parcels, a lot of data, and a ton of insights!

We rolled up our sleeves and sifted through the stats on delays, even those slight day-long waits, to give you clarity on what to expect from these major Canadian carriers.

So, ready to see who's really acing the delivery game? Together, we'll discover which carrier is bringing their A-game to the delivery world.

Let's hit the road!

Table of Contents

Late-Delivered Packages: Canada Post Expedited Parcel

Late-Delivered Packages: Canada Post Xpresspost

Late-Delivered Packages: FedEx Ground

Late-Delivered Packages: Purolator Ground

Late-Delivered Packages: Purolator Express

Conclusion: Comparing the Performance of Canadian Carriers


Late-Delivered Packages: Canada Post Expedited Parcel

Observations of Late-Delivered Packages Shipped by Canada Post Expedited Parcel

  • National Average: On a nationwide scale, Canada Post's Expedited Parcel service experiences late deliveries for about 8.84% of packages.

  • Eastern Canada Delays: Both New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador are significant outliers with late delivery rates of 33.02% and 31.86%, respectively. These rates are alarmingly high compared to the national average.

  • Ontario and British Columbia: Both major provinces have late delivery rates hovering around the national average, with Ontario at 9.97% and British Columbia at 8.14%.

  • High Performance in Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan shows commendable punctuality with only 5.09% of packages delivered late, making it the province with the best on-time performance among the ones listed.

The variation in punctuality across provinces is noteworthy. Businesses shipping to or within New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador may need to set more conservative delivery estimates for their customers or consider alternative shipping solutions. Conversely, companies operating in Saskatchewan can leverage this high reliability in their marketing and customer communication.


Late-Delivered Packages: Canada Post Xpresspost

Observations of Late-Delivered Packages Shipped by Canada Post Xpresspost

  • National Average: For the Canada Post Xpresspost service, the nationwide late delivery rate is 15.93%.

  • Quebec's Surge: Quebec shows a particularly elevated late delivery rate of 22.99%, significantly above the national average. This deviation might require shippers in Quebec to consider alternate options or contingency plans.

  • British Columbia's Punctuality: Contrarily, British Columbia has a notably low late delivery rate of just 5.12%, which stands out as the best on-time performance among the provinces listed.

  • Alberta and Ontario: Both provinces have late delivery rates around or slightly below the national average, with Alberta at 14.25% and Ontario at 12.84%.

Given the high percentage for Quebec and considering Xpresspost is a premium service, businesses might need to discuss reliability concerns with Canada Post or look for alternative solutions in areas with high delay rates.



Late-Delivered Packages: FedEx Ground

Observations of Late-Delivered Packages Shipped by FedEx Ground

  • National Performance: FedEx Ground has a national late delivery rate of 6.00%.

  • Quebec & Alberta Slightly Above Average: Both provinces, Quebec (8.07%) and Alberta (8.04%), have late delivery percentages that are slightly above the national average.

  • Ontario's Efficiency: With a late delivery rate of 4.64%, Ontario boasts better on-time delivery performance in comparison to the national average.

  • Nova Scotia's Delay: Nova Scotia sees a notably higher rate of 10.53%, making it an outlier among the available data.

  • British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan: All three provinces hover around the national average, with British Columbia at 5.92%, Manitoba at 5.71%, and Saskatchewan at 5.61%.

Shippers might want to consider these regional variations when setting customer expectations, especially in areas with higher late delivery percentages. Also, the lack of data in some regions suggests the need for further inquiry or alternate tracking methods in those areas.


Late-Delivered Packages: Purolator Ground

Observations from Late-Delivered Packages Shipped by Purolator Ground

  • Consistent National & Alberta Performance: Both Canada as a whole and Alberta have an identical late delivery rate of 5.60%.

  • East Coast Delays: New Brunswick (21.66%) stands out with the highest late delivery rate, followed by Newfoundland and Labrador (13.23%) and Nova Scotia (10.25%).

  • Ontario & Prince Edward Island: Both regions have rates that exceed the national average, with Ontario at 7.31% and Prince Edward Island at 9.80%.

  • Most Provinces Near National Average: Alberta, Manitoba (4.65%), British Columbia (4.51%), Quebec (5.26%), and Saskatchewan (5.73%) all have late delivery percentages that are close to the national rate.

Given the higher late delivery rates observed in specific provinces, businesses utilizing Purolator Ground might consider adjusting their delivery time frames or communicating potential delays to customers in those areas.


Late-Delivered Packages: Purolator Express

Observations of Late-Delivered Packages Shipped by Purolator Express

  • Ontario's Noticeable Delays: Among the provinces with data, Ontario has the highest late delivery rate at 9.83%, considerably higher than the national average of 5.98%.

  • Lowest in Manitoba: Manitoba has the lowest late delivery rate at just 2.78%, indicating a fairly efficient delivery system in this region for Purolator Express.

  • Canada's West Coast: British Columbia's late delivery rate (6.04%) slightly exceeds the national average, while Alberta's rate (4.23%) is below the national figure.

  • Notable in the East: New Brunswick has a rate of 8.98%, indicating potential delivery challenges in this area.

  • Close to National Average: Quebec (5.46%) and Saskatchewan (3.85%) have late delivery percentages that are relatively close to the national average.

Shippers using Purolator Express should be mindful of the higher late delivery rates in specific provinces like Ontario and New Brunswick, potentially adjusting their logistics strategies or customer communication in those areas.


Conclusion: Comparing the Performance of Canadian Carriers

And that's the latest scoop on shipping from our corner!

This quarter has been quite the journey, and if there's one golden nugget to take away, it's that the carrier you choose really does matter.

Our extensive look into the operations of Canada Post, FedEx, and Purolator, analyzing over 1.7 million shipments, has revealed key trends that can help streamline your shipping strategy.

So, are you team Canada Post with their rock-solid reliability, or are you looking for the speed that FedEx and Purolator promise?

Each one brings something special to the table, and the Buster Fetcher Shipping Report lays it all out, helping you pick the champ that'll carry your parcels to the finish line in style.

Let's ship with confidence, knowing we're backed by the best data out there. Get your report today, your future self (and your customers) will thank you!


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