021 - Discover the Transformative Power of Female Coaches in eCommerce

Welcome to another exciting episode of Women Powering E-Commerce. In this episode, we're diving into the world of female e-commerce entrepreneurs and exploring the unique impact of having a woman coach. Join us as we uncover the differences between mentors and coaches, the importance of relatability in coaching, and the empowering journey of understanding and growth.

Welcome to another exciting episode of Women Powering E-Commerce. In this episode, we're diving into the world of female e-commerce entrepreneurs and exploring the unique impact of having a woman coach. Join us as we uncover the differences between mentors and coaches, the importance of relatability in coaching, and the empowering journey of understanding and growth.

Defining Mentors and Coaches

Have you ever wondered about the distinction between mentors and coaches? The terms can sometimes blur, leaving us uncertain about their roles. According to Forbes, mentors are individuals who generously share their hard-earned wisdom to provide guidance and insight as entrepreneurs face challenges on their journey. On the other hand, coaches possess expertise in the same field as those they guide. In essence, mentors offer broader wisdom, while coaches provide specialized guidance, even delving into technical aspects related to one's industry.

Feeling Understood in a Male-Dominated Industry

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, technology, and business, it's evident that men often dominate the scene. Many women find themselves navigating these spaces and achieving great feats, both in their careers and personal lives. However, the experience can sometimes be uniquely different for women, given the societal roles they often juggle. High-achieving women entrepreneurs often excel not only in their professional endeavors but also in nurturing their homes and families. Balancing these responsibilities can be a daunting challenge, one that isn't as prevalent among their male counterparts.

Feeling Understood as a Catalyst for Growth

The sensation of being understood plays a significant role in an entrepreneur's journey, especially for women in male-dominated fields. The emotional comfort of knowing someone else can relate to the intricacies of these challenges is immeasurable. Imagine attending an event where you're surrounded by men, and self-doubt starts to creep in. A woman coach becomes a powerful antidote to these doubts. She serves as a beacon of hope, a reminder that the negative thoughts are mere lies. This external support can swiftly pull an entrepreneur out of the abyss of self-doubt and redirect her focus toward her capabilities and potential.

Finding Inspiration and Role Models

Having a woman coach also introduces a layer of inspiration. A coach who has overcome similar hurdles and reached impressive heights becomes a living example that success is attainable. This is especially vital in moments when that sneaky inner voice tries to undermine confidence. The coach's achievements act as a counterweight, reminding the entrepreneur that her goals are within reach, regardless of the odds stacked against her. It's a powerful way to dispel self-doubt and reaffirm one's aspirations.

Choosing Coaches: Diverse Perspectives and Learnings

While a woman coach can provide an extra layer of relatability, it's important to remember that everyone, regardless of gender, brings unique insights and experiences to the table. Diverse backgrounds enrich the coaching experience, offering fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to problem-solving. This diversity ensures that an entrepreneur receives a well-rounded education and guidance, tailored to her specific needs and goals.


In the vast landscape of e-commerce and entrepreneurship, having a woman coach can make an impactful difference in an entrepreneur's journey. The understanding, relatability, and shared experiences between female entrepreneurs can provide a powerful boost to confidence and self-assurance. Through the challenges and triumphs, a woman coach stands as a symbol of possibility, reminding her protégé that her dreams are not just attainable, but entirely within her grasp.

So, if you're considering seeking guidance, ponder this: whether you choose a mentor or a coach, the key is to find someone who resonates with your aspirations and understands your journey. The path to success is made even more vibrant when it's illuminated by the wisdom and support of others who have walked it before.

Episode Transcription

021 - Discover the Transformative Power of Female Coaches in eCommerce


Welcome, e-commerce empresses to this episode of Woman Powering E-Commerce. Join me every Tuesday and Thursday as I take you behind the scenes of my journey as a female e-commerce entrepreneur. Together we'll explore the highs, the lows, inspiring you to take action and achieve your own business goals. So let's get started.


All right. So woman coaching other woman. How do you feel about that? That's what I want to talk about today. The reason for that is just I'm currently being coached by a woman and I realize it does make a difference and I want to talk about that. First of all, is it just me or is it hard to differentiate the term mentor and coach? Still up to now, I feel like people will give those very different definitions and sometimes when the same definition will be used for mentoring and for coach, I just had to get this clear. So I found a pretty good definition, which I found simple and clear in an article in Forbes, and I just want to share that with you. That way it'll be clear and out of the way.


So mentors, what are mentors? Mentors are, according to Forbes, successful people who share their hard won wisdom to provide insight and guidance as an entrepreneur, encounter challenges along their journey. As for coaches, coaches on the other hand often have expertise in the same field as the people they're helping. They were saying a lot more stuff, but I just kind of sized it down to those two sentences. So if we're just going to recap, mentors will share their wisdom no matter what the topic is. Well, maybe not the topic, but they're not so technical. That's from what I understand. But coaches have expertise in the same field as maybe what you're being coached about. So therefore they can actually give you some more technical details or advice on what to do for your specific industry and for field. So what are your thoughts? Do you agree, disagree with this? I think that makes sense. And so after seeing this, I can definitely say I'm currently being coached and not mentored.


So I've had great coaches and mentors that were men too. And when I took this coach that I have right now, I didn't tell myself I want a woman coach, but afterwards I realized it felt really nice and there are some things, only other women will be able to relate with me or to me. So how is it different? Number one, I would say that it just feels nice to feel understood, especially in the industry and field we're working in, e-commerce, and anything in the tech space. It's a men's world, I'm not going to lie. And yes, there are still some women out there working, but when you go to events or just whether it's virtual or in person, well, yes, there will be a lot of men. So, which is not a problem. I love those guys. So it's just when we're talking about feeling understood, I just want to say that there are some things maybe they don't understand as well.


So for example, and I don't want to generalize here, I'm just speaking from my experience, but usually women in business will be high achieving women, and a lot of them will really be high achievers in their work, but then they go home and they'll also do a lot of things at home. And they'll be moms, they'll take care of the house and so that's a lot. And that's definitely something I put a lot of pressure on myself before, I've kind of fixed that problem if we want to call that a problem, trying to do everything all at once. But I mean, we're not super woman. We cannot do everything. So eventually you have to find solutions. But I used to want to do really, really good at work and also be a really good example of a woman at home or so before. But eventually I realize I can't do it all. I have to choose. And now that is another story. Maybe I'll tell sometime another time.


But it's just nice when, and I've spoken to a lot of women entrepreneurs and that's one thing that comes up a lot. It's hard to be an entrepreneur, but at the same time be a mom and just take care of your household. And it's just in general, I find a challenge that maybe men don't really go through as much. So there are certain things I'll be more willing to talk about to women than men. So I guess that's just nature, who knows? But that's my story.


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So my biggest point now is to have someone to look up to and to remind you that you can do it too. And why am I saying this is sometimes my subconscious little voice is telling me the opposite. And yes, sometimes I will catch myself telling myself, well, for example, when I walk to an event where it's full of men, not a lot of women, and my head just starts spinning with really non-positive sentences. Like, "Oh, do you really belong here? Are you sure you're as capable?" And my brain just starts telling me, maybe I don't belong in the e-commerce world, or in the tech world. Maybe it is a place just for men. All that stuff that I know is not true. All of this I'm telling you are milliseconds. They don't last. I don't allow my brain to get stuck there in that place. I really quickly make sure I go into another place.


But still having a woman coach really serves as a great reminder that those are all lies that we tell ourselves at times. And so instead of just being stuck in my head and trying to convince myself that whatever the lies I'm trying to tell myself, they're not true. Well, at least having someone you can also look up to and to remind yourself, "Oh yeah, look, she did it or she did it as well." So there are no reason why you couldn't. So it's just a little extra bonus that I like to keep in mind. And to have that coach on a regular basis just constantly reminds me that I can do it as well. I can achieve anything just as anyone can. So no matter who you are. So that's it.


So will I always choose a woman coach from now on? Well, the answer is no. No, because everyone, no matter who you are, has a different background, a different experience, and I feel like everyone can teach you something. So I appreciate having a woman coach for all the reasons I told you, but that will not stop me, and that will never be a reason why I'll choose a gender-specific coach for me that has nothing to do with what I do on a daily basis.


So those are just a few things I wanted to share with you. At least some differences I noticed being coached by women versus not. And I'd say that my conclusion is that it's definitely worth giving it a try and doing it at least once or at least for a while to get coached at an angle that you'll feel more understood on another level. And I'm saying that for a woman, but maybe I'll say that for something completely different. Right now, I'm getting coached for, you could have a coach for e-commerce in another day for a software, if that's what you're into, or real estate. I find that it's kind of on that same level of just finding someone to coach you and someone that understands where you're at right now.


So that's it for today. I hope that helped you. Thank you for being part of this journey with me. I hope you gained valuable insights and inspiration today to keep growing and taking action towards your goals. Please follow me on social media. Also follow us on your favorite podcast platform to get notifications every time a new episode is uploaded. See you next time.