017 - Empowering Well-being: Elevate Your Success

Welcome to Women Powering eCommerce, a space where we share the highs and lows of being a female e-commerce entrepreneur. Today, we dive into a critical aspect of success - wellbeing. Join me as we explore how good health can impact productivity and inspire others to be their best selves.

Welcome to Women Powering eCommerce, a space where we share the highs and lows of being a female e-commerce entrepreneur. Today, we dive into a critical aspect of success - wellbeing. Join me as we explore how good health can impact productivity and inspire others to be their best selves.

The Challenge of Scaling Communication

When starting with a small team, communication may seem easy, but as your team grows, effective communication becomes more challenging. With multiple businesses and a larger team, finding a system that facilitates communication becomes imperative. Today, I want to discuss how I'm working to improve my management style, particularly in the area of communication.

The Importance of Health and Wellbeing

Last week, I experienced a slump due to feeling under the weather. It affected my productivity, mindset, and motivation. It made me realize that health is the foundation upon which everything else in life rests. Whether you're a leader, team member, parent, or friend, good health is essential to excel in every aspect of life. So, it's crucial to prioritize our well-being to maximize our productivity and achieve our goals.

Supporting Team Health

As a leader, I asked myself how I could support my team's health. I want them to be at their best, knowing that their success contributes to the overall growth of our business. Encouraging team members to prioritize their health and well-being creates a positive work environment and boosts overall productivity. By leading by example, I can inspire them to follow suit.

Be a Lighthouse, Not a Lifeboat

I came across a powerful quote: "Be a lighthouse, not a lifeboat." This concept resonates deeply with me. A lighthouse stands tall, shining brightly to guide others safely. In the same way, by focusing on my physical, mental, and emotional well-being, I can serve as a guiding light for my team. Instead of trying to force change, leading by example can inspire them to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

My Personal Wellbeing Journey

I've discovered that maintaining a consistent morning routine helps me perform at my best throughout the day. Exercising, reading, and writing set a positive tone for my work hours. Embracing new approaches, like intermittent fasting, has further enhanced my mental clarity and overall well-being. However, I acknowledge that my journey is ongoing, and I'm continuously exploring new ways to optimize my energy levels.

The Power of Gratitude

A positive attitude plays a pivotal role in maintaining productivity. I strive to approach each day with gratitude, recognizing the little things that bring joy. Gratitude helps me navigate challenges with a positive outlook and allows me to share that mindset with my team. By promoting a culture of gratitude, we create a supportive and motivating workplace.

The Road Ahead

To be the best leader for my team, I commit to taking care of my physical, mental, and emotional health. They deserve nothing less than the best version of myself. Last week's reminder of the link between well-being and productivity strengthened my resolve to prioritize my health continuously.


In the world of e-commerce, success relies not only on business acumen but also on personal well-being. As a female e-commerce entrepreneur, I understand the impact of health on productivity and leadership. By prioritizing our well-being and leading by example, we can inspire our teams to reach new heights. Together, let's embrace a culture of well-being and growth, knowing that a healthy workforce is a successful one. Thank you for joining me on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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Episode Transcription

017 - Empowering Well-being: Elevate Your Success


Welcome e-commerce empresses to this episode of Woman Powering e-Commerce. Join me every Tuesday and Thursday as I take you behind the scenes of my journey as a female e-commerce entrepreneur. Together we'll explore the highs, the lows, inspiring you to take action and achieve your own business goals. So let's get started.


So here's the thing. This week I was feeling under the weather. Honestly, it took me. I wanted to record some podcasts. I think it's been like three days, I'm like, "I want to do it today", and I was just not feeling it at all. Had no energy. It was crazy. Anyways, so all of this to say it was really affecting my productivity. No matter how much I was trying to do my best, I just wasn't able to give the same quality of work as usual. It also affected my mindset, my thoughts, my motivation just dropped, and that's usually not me. I grew into learning and worked hard to be 99% of the time, highly motivated and pumped, so I rarely come across feeling like this now. Very rare, but then it happens. So I'm happy. I'm grateful it happened because it made me realize a few things, and that's what I want to talk to you about.


I realized that health is the tectonic plate on which everything else in our life sits on. So whether it be work and being the best leader for your team, the best CEO, the best name it, whatever your role or your position in what you do, if you don't have health, you cannot work. You cannot be productive, which is not great at all. And that's not only it. For your relationships, you cannot be a good friend. You cannot be a good mother, dad, or any of that if you don't have health. Same thing with finances, fun. So you really need to have that solid foundation of help, and our wellbeing is directly linked to productivity. That's definitely what it clicked in my mind this week. So it also made me think of two things.


So first I asked myself this question, how can I support my team on a day-to-day basis, weekly basis or monthly basis? How can I encourage them to be at their healthiest? Because honestly, again, if you have no health, how can you do a good job? You can't, but I really want to be on the supporting side. What can I do? So that really brought up that question. All meditate and reflect on that one. And it also brought up this other question. What can I do to be at my best at all times, physical, mental, emotional, and show up for my team and always give my 110%? What do I have control over that will allow me to lead by example? And I'm saying have control over, because yes, sometimes there are certain things you may not have control over, but I think that a lot of the times you have control over your health, for example, and I want to lead by example. That's really what I told myself.

[NEW_PARAGRAPH]And what can I do for that? And I don't know if you've already heard this quote, which says, "Be a lighthouse, not a lifeboat." And that's definitely what I want to do, and I'll explain to you. So I've heard that recently. So a lighthouse, what does it do? It doesn't do much, but stand there, shine bright, and hope the boats will come to then. They want to be a guiding light. So that's it. They just do their own thing, be at their best and those lighthouses save lives and actually make a lot of changes without doing much. A lifeboat on the contrary, will go out to all those boats, or let's bring out this example, to people. If you're a lifeboat, you're just going to go out to everyone and try to tug them and explain to them, "You have to be healthy, you have to do this, you have to do that", and try to motivate them that way.


But what's going to be the strongest in the end is just if you lead by example, if you're a lighthouse. And that's definitely what I want to do and show up as. So when I come in at work every morning, I usually have done my full complete morning routine, and I actually explain everything I do in another episode. But quickly, I take care of my body and mind. I exercise, I read, I write, and I find it really, it helps me show up in the best state possible when I come to work. So that's definitely something I hope will inspire others to do because I've never felt better than now, usually on a regular basis than when I come in at work around usually seven or eight in the morning. I like almost a whole day of things I did from and just to take care of myself.


So now I can give to others, it's so much easier. And another thing I do on a regular basis is testing. Testing new things to see if I can find something that works better for me. So recently I've been trying fasting in the morning. I used to be like the person I ate every two hours and did not believe in fasting, but I'm like, "Hey, before I say no to that, give it a try." And honestly, it has really cleared up my mind and it's working well for me now. And it's okay. I'm okay. I'm not stuck to one thing, but in the end, I just want to be open to try new things that'll just bring me at another level and just really help me be at my best and at my true potential, basically. Another thing that I do in all of these things, I'm not saying them in the sense that I understand it all and I master it all.


But this is what I'm doing today and what's working for me. But I'm always constantly looking and searching for new things just because, again, my why behind that, the purpose is that my team deserves to see me in the best light possible. They need me to lead by that great attitude. Talking about attitude, that's another point. Showing up with a good attitude. No matter what is going on in my life, I try to show up with the best attitude possible. And I feel that it will not serve me if I show up and let everyone know how unhappy I am. I'm not saying I'm perfect, it can happen at times, but usually I really try to be thoughtful about that. And I want to make sure I'm in a state of gratitude as much as possible because I find that when you try and find gratitude and be grateful about all the little things, you can find them in everything.


And when you have that then and the rest kind of... I mean, your attitude will follow. So for me, gratitude is a big one. It really helps me keep a good attitude. I know this will sound cheesy probably, but sometimes and often tell myself in my head, gratitude is my attitude. But it's true. When you live in gratitude, you can't feel the negative emotions. So I want to show that state of mind in front of my team. But what I still need to work on and increase, talking about wellbeing, in order to increase my productivity is find ways to optimize my energy. To be honest, I still have that afternoon slump. I still have a hard time waking up in the morning even yes, I put my alarm clock at 4:00 and I'll wake up at 4:05, 4:10. But I snooze. So I'm not optimal right there, but I'm getting there and I know I'm capable of more.


And when I'm talking about more, I mean not until I burn out, type of thing. I mean, yes, there's going to be probably a limit to what I can do more, but I just need to find out how. I know it's possible. I know I have that extra energy inside of me and I'm just looking at other ways to go and feed off of it and just let it out. So to wrap up, I want to make sure I take care of my physical, mental and emotional health on all levels to make sure I'm at my best to lead my team. Why? Because they deserve it. They definitely deserve it. And I find that this last week reminded me that there is definitely a direct link between health, wellbeing, and productivity that is very important.


So for me, this is like I'm committing to finding more ways to be at my best at all times. Not perfect, but at my best in the power of what I can control. And I hope you see the value in that as well. So take a moment to rate and share this podcast or episode if you found it valuable, and I'll see you next time.


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