005 - Unleashing Business Growth: The Transformative Power of Reading

Let's discuss the crucial importance of continuous learning through books and how it can propel our businesses and personal growth to new heights.

Let's discuss the crucial importance of continuous learning through books and how it can propel our businesses and personal growth to new heights.

The Transformative Journey of Reading

In the past, I was not particularly fond of reading. Apart from the occasional fictional book during vacations, I rarely picked up a book. Little did I realize the profound impact that reading could have on my business and personal development. Reflecting on my journey, I shudder to think of where I would be had I not embraced the habit of continuous learning.

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” my first business book

One pivotal moment was when I stumbled upon "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," my first business book. If you haven't read it yet, I strongly recommend picking it up. This book was a revelation, akin to going from blindness to sight. It introduced me to new concepts and transformed my perspective. I became more open-minded, understanding that life lessons could be learned from others, sparing me the need to make the same mistakes. Through this book, I discovered the concept of making money work for me—a realization that was previously unimaginable during my employee mindset.

Lessons Learned and Personal Growth

Beyond "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," numerous other books have contributed to my growth and knowledge. "DotCom Secrets" by Russell Brunson stands out, especially for e-commerce enthusiasts. This comprehensive marketing guide unveils effective strategies and tactics for building a thriving online business. It delves into the art of creating high-converting sales funnels, offering invaluable insights into the world of e-commerce.Another gem that touched my heart was "Delivering Happiness," which chronicles the journey of Zappos. This book highlights the significance of fostering a culture of happiness and customer satisfaction within a company. Its engaging storytelling inspires us to become better human beings, better bosses, and build better companies. The lessons shared in this book transcend e-commerce, resonating with anyone seeking to make a positive impact.

The Vast World of Books

The realm of books is a vast one, with countless options awaiting exploration. Instead of relying on generic top book lists found online, I prefer collecting recommendations from various sources. Whether it's through social media or conversations with friends, I maintain a reading list brimming with titles that intrigue me. This approach ensures I always have an exciting book lined up for my next read.
Embrace the Habit of Reading
Now, let's address the most important question: Do you read? If not, I implore you to start today. The rewards are immense, and you'll gain valuable knowledge and insights that will undoubtedly enhance your personal and professional life. For me, reading has become a non-negotiable daily practice. I dedicate a minimum of 10 to 15 pages per day to reading, as I understand the immense value it brings.

The Power of Change through reading

Reading is transformative. It alters the way we think, enabling the development of fresh perspectives and new ideas. I constantly strive to align my reading choices with my future aspirations, selecting books that will equip me with the knowledge required to reach my business goals. By investing time in reading, we can accelerate our growth and pave the way to success.

Passing on the Legacy of Reading

If you have children, it is crucial to introduce them to the joys of reading at an early age. Encourage them to explore books and understand the power of learning through the written word. Instilling a
 love for reading in our children creates a lasting legacy. By showcasing the importance of continuous learning, we equip them with a powerful tool to navigate their own journeys.


In conclusion, the significance of continuous learning through books cannot be overstated. Reading opens doors to new ideas, fresh perspectives, and invaluable life lessons. By immersing ourselves in the knowledge shared by experienced entrepreneurs and thought leaders, we gain insights that can catapult our businesses to new heights. Remember, reading is not limited to e-commerce enthusiasts alone—it has the power to transform anyone's life. So, grab a book today, embark on an exciting journey of learning, and unlock the doors to your true potential.
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Episode Transcription

005 - Unleashing Business Growth: The Transformative Power of Reading

Suzie (00:00):
Welcome E-Commerce Empress's to this episode of Woman Powering e-Commerce. Join me every Tuesday and Thursday as I take you behind the scenes of my journey as a female e-commerce entrepreneur. Together, we'll explore the highs, the lows, inspiring you to take action and achieve your own business goals. So, let's get started. Today, I want to talk about the importance of learning on an ongoing basis through books. When you own a business, it is so important. If you do not do that, you will miss out on a really big part of growing your business through those, or just as you personally. When you grow a business, you realize with time that you need to grow personally, because if you don't, then you're going to limit your business, and you're not going to be able to grow it because you're not growing yourself. So, 10 or 15 years ago, I read no books.

Yes, maybe a little book here and there. When we went on vacation, I read a fictional book, and that was about it. I used to not really like reading just because all I remembered from reading, was reading a little bit when I was younger. Those books are appreciated. Then I went to college, we had some books, we had to read. Read those. They were okay, but not books of my choice. Then I went to work, and stopped reading. That was about it. So, I can tell you how much it was limiting me. What if... That's still a question I ask myself today? What if I never took on that habit? Where would I be? What would I know? To be honest, I would not be at all where I am today. I don't even want to ask myself that question for too long, because I realize how much it has changed me for the better.

So, I'm not sure how I would have done without those. So, I remember the first business book I read was Rich Dad, Poor Dad. If you have not read that book, ooh, you are missing out on a really great book, please go and grab that book today. No choice. If you've read it, well, you know how good of a book it is. It was, especially when it's your first business book, it's like going from blind to seeing, for the first time, it was just, I discovered new concepts, new ways of seeing things, I became much more open-minded all of a sudden. I learned that life lessons can be learned from others, you don't have to go through your mistakes. That was a really good first book. But I read other great books. I learned a lot of lessons from other books.

But for this book in particular, just as an example, just to show you how much one book can change you. In this book, if I remember properly, what I learned is the rich made their money work for them. I had never came across that concept as an employee. I realized my only thoughts at the time were, I could ask maybe for a salary raise, if I wanted to make more money, or maybe change... I didn't even have the luxury. At least I thought I didn't have the luxury of changing job positions, or I was so limited in my head. But how much more can you really make, when you're an employee? Those are pretty much your two options, or you have to go back to school and that was definitely not an option for me. I also learned not to be controlled by your emotions.

There's lots to learn there. I used to be so stressed all the time, every time we were talking about money, it just generated that stress within me. Any time I had to do accounting, I remember, few first couple years we owned a business. It was time to do the accounting. I don't know why, to this day, I worked on myself and I don't really need to know why anymore. I think I do, from the way I was raised. My parents had businesses, and it wasn't a glorious thing to do the accounting, but that will be for another story. But I was doing the accounting on a monthly basis. I feel like I was not understanding anything. I was on the ground crying, and that was monthly. So, eventually, I did something about it, but I was just so overwhelmed with stress, and not understanding what trigger triggered me at the time.

Talking about emotions, again, not being controlled by them. I used to have fight or flight. I used to flight. I used to run away from really big emotions, and just not confront them. So, that was a really good lesson. I also learned to manage risk, not to avoid it, but to learn to take controlled risk and manage them. So, all of those were good lessons from this book. So, I don't want to say too much. If you haven't read it, then great, go ahead and do it. Then you'll know what I'm talking about. The great life lessons. Other books that really helped me grow and learn. If we're going to bring it down more to e-commerce is DotCom Secret by Russell Brunson. If you haven't read that, go ahead and read it, please. It's one of the greatest marketing books. It's a comprehensive guide that reveals the strategies and tactics to build a successful online business.

It teaches you how to generate high converting sales funnels. So, definitely a great book. He also has a series, that's a must. You have to read that. Another book that I really loved, it has to do with e-commerce, but just it really, it's heartwarming. It is Delivering Happiness. The story of Zappos. It just teaches you the importance of creating a culture of happiness and customer satisfaction. I find the storytelling in that book is just great. It just makes you want to be a better human being, better boss, better company. I loved it. I truly loved it. So, definitely a good book I'd recommend. There are hundreds, and hundreds, and thousands, and thousands of books you can read. If you don't know what to read, I personally, I don't even go online to check for the list of top books to read because I hear recommendations from so many people here and there, where you're on social media, you'll hear about this book.

Then, I just keep a I reading list, a list of books I want to read eventually. I have so much. So, every time I finish a book, or I'm about to finish a book, I just usually I know already when I'm going to read. But if I don't, I have that list, and I can just go to it and know exactly what to read next, or order the book, to make sure I always have a book I can read. So, question for you. First of all, do you read, if not, start today, please. You're missing out on so much. Then if you do, then great. How much do you read? I'd be curious. I personally read now a minimum of 10 to 15 pages a day of a book, that's for me, a non-negotiable. It's too valuable not to do it.

I used to read about 10 pages, but I just bumped it up to about 15. Maybe eventually I'll read... I don't know how much a day, how much can you read it in a day without... We still have to work and I'll do all that stuff. So, we'll see. But I just love reading, and the lessons you learn from others, you don't have to learn from your mistakes. Again, I don't want to think too much about, again, about where I'd be if I haven't started reading, or what would've happened if I inverse it, what would've happened if I started reading earlier. So, if you have kids, and maybe they're starting their teenage years, maybe they're in their late teenage years, please get them reading as soon as possible. That's such a good legacy to give them. The desire to read the power, show them the power of reading, all those lessons that can be learned through books.

Also, reading is just... It allows you to change the way you think. You'll develop new ways of thinking. So, how I think today is definitely not how I thought a few years ago. So, it's very valuable to reach business goals. I know like the books I read today, I try to read the books today for what I want to be in a few years, or next year. I want to try and grab the knowledge that I need to be where I need to be at in a few years. So, you want to make sure you do that through books, too. There are a lot of other ways, of course, but definitely that's one way to go. So, just maybe a lesson wrap up for today is just the power of continuously learning through books, and that's a key driver to help you grow your business.

So, do it. If you're doing it, can you do more? Because that's how you're going to grow a lot. So, before we wrap this up, I would like to express how much it would mean to me if you could take a moment, just it takes a few seconds, rate, share this podcast, or this episode, and your support is crucial in helping us reach and inspire more women entrepreneurs. That's definitely the goal, especially in the e-commerce business. Thank you for being part of this journey with me. I hope you gain some valuable insights, and inspiration today to keep learning, growing, and taking action towards your goals. See you in the next episode.