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Welcome to our blog

Here is a blog dedicated to demystifying shipping audits, but also and above all to help you grow your e-commerce business: marketing, sales, management, customer service, and the trends you don’t want to miss.

Here is a list of everything you can do to maximize sales and profits for this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
free delivery 2
How to determine the order value from which you can reasonably offer free shipping for your online store
Customer satisfaction
How to achieve customer satisfaction while limiting the costs that will inevitably incur in shipping orders?
Conversion rate
Here are 7 strategies to increase your business’ conversion rate and make sure your visitors become loyal customers
plateformes de chatbot
Here are the top 6 most popular and easy-to-use chatbot platforms to help you make the right choice.
6 tips on keeping the business going even if you are not around, as well as a checklist
Amazon (shutterstock_1083512990)
Here's how to take inspiration from Amazon's best practices to propel your business online.
Nouveaux ecommerce (shutterstock_1185993298)
12 tips to get your e-commerce off the ground and maximize your sales and turnover.
Free shipping (shutterstock_358981376)
8 tips that will help you offer free shipping while remaining profitable!
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