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May 28th 2020 - First signs of improvement in delivery times since March 15 at Canada Post and Purolator

Finally, some positive since the beginning of the crisis*

Canada Post and Purolator delivery times are showing signs of improvement at last. During the week of May 17, 2020, Canada Post had a 36.10% overall delay as opposed to 39.91% the previous week.

As for Purolator, its overall delay went from 25.37% during the week of May 10 to 24.60% a week later.

This is the first time since March 15 that both carriers post improved figures in their delays. Still, delays remain higher than before the crisis:


  • Canada Post overall delays:
    • Week of March 15, 2020: 7.28%
    • Week of May 17: 36.10%


  • Purolator overall delays:
    • Week of March 15, 2020: 2.78%
    • Week of May 17: 24.60%


Improvement on customer peaks

As far as our customers are concerned, we note that the worst case recorded at Canada Post during the week of May 17 was for delays on 82.59% of 200 packages, which is better than a week earlier, where delays on 85.90% of 250 packages were observed.

Purolator’s figures are even more encouraging as the worst case recorded during the week of May 17 was for delays on 46.37% of 500 packages as opposed to delays on 83.91% of 100 packages during the week of May 10. However, the lowest percentage of delays we had recorded has gone up during the week of May 17.

Average delay in days

The average delay in days, that is when a package is delivered later than the standard set by the carrier himself, continues to increase at Canada Post. During the week of May 17, there was a 2.4 days delay, up from 2.2 days a week earlier.

In other words, fewer packages are delivered late, but the packages that are late are even more delayed than a week ago.


Differences in service between provinces


Week of May 17: destination
provinces with the most delays

Canada Post

  • Nova Scotia: 88.10%
  • New Brunswick: 66.67%
  • Newfoundland: 61.03%


  • Nova Scotia: 41.67%
  • Ontario: 26.35%
  • Quebec: 25.41%



Week of May 17: destination
provinces with the least delays

Canada Post

  • Manitoba: 23.12%
  • Saskatchewan: 24.42%
  • British Columbia: 24.45%



  • British Columbia: 13.74%
  • Manitoba: 24.68%
  • Alberta: 24.90%



Expedited packages also improving

Canada Post’s Expedited Parcel™ has also shown signs of improvement when comparing the weeks of May 10 and 17:

  • Week of May 17:
    • Expedited Parcel™: 35.51%
    • Xpresspost™: 42.58%
    • Priority™: 57.53%

  • Week of May 10:
    • Expedited Parcel™: 39.38%
    • Xpresspost™: 50.09%
    • Priority™: 62.89%


These figures, though improved, are still higher than the figures posted on April 26:

  • Expedited Parcel™: 31.73%
  • Xpresspost™: 38.25%
  • Priority™: 52.56%


At Purolator, a step forward for the Express® service during the week of May 17, but a step back for Ground®:

  • Week of May 17:
    • Ground®: 22.27%
    • Express®: 28.55%

  • Week of May 10:
    • Ground®: 21.22%
    • Express®: 30.17%.


Still, these percentages are much higher than those observed during the week of April 26:

  • Ground®: 7.41%
  • Express®: 9.82%


In short, the negative effects of the crisis are still quite obvious in Canada Post and Purolator’s delivery delays as the percentages remain high.

We also point out that Canada Post suspended its on-time delivery guarantee back on March 18 and Purolator followed suit during the week of May 3, 2020, a move that continues to penalize e-commerce entrepreneurs who are left with disgruntled customers and yet, no way of getting the financial compensation they would usually count on.

We still felt we should highlight the improvements in delivery services at Canada Post and Purolator between the weeks of May 10 and 17.




* Statistics are based on Buster Fetcher’s analysis of shipments made by its customers across Canada (almost 1000) who ship across the country and internationally. Though there may be discrepancies with official data released by the carriers themselves, our statistics still help paint the portrait of the situation in this time of crisis.



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