• How do I sign up?
    Signing up to BusterFetcher.com takes less than 2 minutes!  All we need is your name, email and your courier ID (username and password). There is no sign-up fee.
  • Do I have to commit to a minimum term or another form of contract?

    You alone will decide the length of time your contract with us will be. We are happy to have you among our satisfied clients forever! We only need you to accept the Terms and Conditions posted on BusterFetcher.com and then wait to get your refunds.

    If you should decide that you have had enough refunds without having to work for them.... all you have to do is contact our Customer Service team by email at support@busterfetcher.com and we will terminate the contract whenever you want ;)


  • How does your service actually work?
    It's very simple! Your inscription only takes 2 minutes (actually we timed it as 1min 32sec). There is no software to install, and you continue with your regular shipping habits without worrying about us. There is no impact in any way for you to manage within your team.

    On our end, we connect on the spot to your account with your carrier and track your packages for you! We also make all claims in your name without any need for intervention on your part.

    Refunds are made to you directly by the carrier via your account. You don't have to do ANYTHING! We use all the collected data to help you manage your shipping costs and we can even help you negotiate with your carrier when needed.
  • How much will your service cost me?

    Our services don't cost anything.  There are no monthly fees.  From the refunds you would not have gotten without us, we calculate a 40% commission.  In fact, we work to recuperate the money you had already lost, every day, without you even knowing it.

  • How does Busterfetcher.com get paid?
    We bill 40% of the total that we recuperate for you and the payment is done via your credit card. For example, if we get you $1000 in refunds over the course of several months, our due would be $400. You, therefore, make a net gain of $600 without time or effort on your part. We also offer you many other functions that can help you lower shipping fees even more for FREE, such as personal statistics that can help your decision making.
  • Can I view reports and charts for my data?

    Yes, you can!  We ensure to provide you with concrete and useful statistics.  Our interface is very simple to use and very visual.  All the work we do is oriented towards the sole purpose of allowing you to make better business decisions by saving on shipping fees.


  • When will I see shipment data on my dashboard?
    Your information will start appearing in the interface within minutes of your inscription, at the latest within 24 business hours.
  • Why am I receiving an invoice?

    We bill you as soon as the request for a refund has been approved by your carrier. So, if you get a bill from us, this means your refund request has been approved by your carrier and you will be receiving money soon, if not already done!

  • Does parcel auditing affect my current UPS and FedEx discounts?

    No, you cannot be penalized by tracking your packages and you can continue to benefit from your rebates. The refunds that we get for you are found in a different section of your bill. Therefore, your rates and billing totals are not affected. Actually, our statistics interface help you better analyze the services your carrier offers you so you can better negotiate your next contract.

  • After I sign up, how do I reach support?

    Our Customer Service team is available for you from 9AM-5PM from Monday to Friday by phone, email or chat. Contact us anytime!!

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept payments by Visa and Mastercard.

  • Do you have an Affiliate Program?

    We sure do! Please consult our Loyalty Program for more details. You will find it in your Dashboard, where you can click the option "Referrals" on the menu on the left, and then "Refer a Friend".

  • How can I update my Canada Post password in my Buster Fetcher account?

    You will find the simple way to change your password here.

  • How do I close my account?
    To close your account, all you have to do is send an email to our Customer Service at support@busterfetcher.com.  Once your account is closed, your information will automatically be deleted and you will no longer get refunds for late deliveries or billing errors.
  • What are shipping refunds? How do I claim them?

    Carriers such as FedEx, Canada Post, Purolator or UPS guarantee delivery at a specific time.  If there is a delay, even just a few minutes in some cases, they will refund your shipping fee. These claims, however, are not simple or fast to process: this tedious task discourages almost all companies. On the other hand, this is OUR expertise: as soon as you are signed up to BusterFetcher.com, our intelligent system looks for your refund cases and automatically processes claims in your name, all of which is in conformity with your agreement with your carrier.  All you have to do is wait for your money to be reimbursed.


  • How do I get my refunds?

    It is important to know that it is your carrier, such as Canada Post, UPS or FedEx, that is responsible for your refund based on the billing agreement you have with them. Normally, refunds for late parcels are credited on the next invoice, or deposited on your credit card (which can take up to a month). It is also possible that the carrier sends you a check. In any case, please note that BusterFetcher.com, unfortunately, has no control over how your carrier will decide to reimburse you.


  • Do you integrate with carriers other than FedEx, UPS or Purolator?
    Our systems integrate very easily, directly to your account with UPS, FedEx, Purolator, and of course Canada Post.
  • How long does it take to get a refund?

    This all depends on the billing agreement you have with your carrier. For businesses that manage shipping labels themselves, through Shopify for example, the delays can take about 1-2 weeks.  For other businesses that have an account with the carrier and receive invoices, the refund will appear on the following invoice as a credit.  The delay in refunds, therefore, depends on the frequency with which the carrier will bill you.


  • Does every late package get a refund?
    No, because each carrier will have their own refund policy which includes certain clauses that can exclude refunds in certain cases such as dangerous weather conditions for example.  We do all we can to help you get all the refunds you have a right to within the policies stipulated by each carrier.
  • Where do my refunds get credited?

    This will depend on the method in which you pay your shipping fees.  Your refunds will, therefore, appear on the carrier invoices or your credit card if this is your preferred payment method.  In any case, you are reimbursed on the invoice that follows your claim, BusterFetcher.com will check that all reimbursements have been credited to your account and will periodically update your information.


  • Why wouldn't Busterfetcher.com work for me?
    Almost all problems are easily resolved by our team.  In most cases, it is simply a matter of ID information that is incorrect or invalid, either the online billing option is not activated by the carrier so that we can follow your packages and be able to claim in your name.  In any case, please contact our Customer Service team at support@busterfetcher.com and they will be more than happy to help you.
  • I ship through a third party shipper. Can I still get refunds for delays?
    If your carrier bills you directly, you are eligible for refunds.  If a third party bill you, then the refunds we recover will be credited to the third-party account.
  • Does Busterfetcher.com integrate with eCommerce/ order management platforms such as Shopify, Magento, etc?

    Our system integrates directly to your account with your carrier (UPS, FedEx, Purolator and of course Canada Post) without interruptions to your usual commercial operations.  If you create your own shipping labels with Shopify, we will also connect to your account to follow your packages.  The sign-up process is simple and takes less than 2 minutes.


  • Why don’t I just claim my own refunds?

    When delegating the tedious task of tracking your packages and claiming refunds, you end up the winner! Here are 4 reasons why.

    Firstly, some carriers will charge you fees if you try and request a refund for a package they judge is not justified according to their refund policy. BusterFetcher.com respects the policies of each carrier and regularly and systematically improves the system algorithms to avoid all refusals.

    Secondly, BusterFetcher.com respects the claim delays. In fact, after a certain amount of time (about 1 month) it is no longer possible for you to claim refunds for late deliveries. BusterFetcher.com processes the refund requests within the best possible delays to maximize to the fullest your refund potential.

    Thirdly, BusterFetcher.com offers more than just refunds on late deliveries: we claim the labeling costs for canceled shipments as well as refunds for any billing errors from the carrier.

    Fourthly, the workload associated with the tracking of each package in relation to each carrier's policy as well as managing the labeling cancellations and the full billing review is so huge that many well-known businesses, large and small, have given up their plans to appoint someone to this task. Their conclusion: working with BusterFetcher.com is by far the most profitable, economical and effective solution.


  • We ship over 50,000 units a month. Can you process that many shipments?

    No problem at all!  Our sophisticated and secure system is designed to deal with millions of packages a day!  In addition, your refund information is saved regularly and our system is backed up with servers Cloud Amazon AWS here in Canada to ensure continuous service no matter how many packages to track 24/7.


  • Will this adversely affect my relationship with my carrier?

    Not at all! Since it is your carrier who included the delivery guarantee and refund policy in your contract with you.

    The carrier with which you have this agreement promises to deliver your packages at a certain date (and sometimes even a certain time) and to refund if they do not fulfill their end of this contract agreement. By requesting a refund from your carrier, you are simply respecting the agreement you have with them, in the same way, you must pay the deliveries made on time. If the carrier was against the refund of late deliveries, they should not include this guarantee in the contract in the first place.

    BusterFetcher.com respects the contract you have with your carrier as well as the refund policies each carrier has.

    Please note that many times carriers improve their services following major refund requests. So, your claims can actually have the results of improving their services to you.

  • Do I have to sign a late shipment refund waiver if I am a high-volume shipper?
    No, you don't have to sign a waiver.

    Many companies ship large quantities of packages while still benefiting from the guarantee their carrier provides and get as much as 20% refund on their late deliveries.

    Even companies that have signed a waiver can still negotiate with the carrier an agreement for deliveries that are late 2+ days for example.

    Please check the contract clauses when renewing. BusterFetcher.com has all the tools needed to help you firmly renegotiate the terms of your contract with your carrier. Please don't hesitate: we are here for you!

    It is also noteworthy that sometimes changing carriers is an effective solution that can improve the delivery delays and help you benefit from refunds.
  • I'm not sure I have any late shipments, my customers aren't complaining!

    Just because clients don't complain doesn't mean your packages are never late. In fact, ALL companies with which we work suffer late deliveries and the refund guarantee is not for your clients but between YOU and your CARRIER.  Think about it, if you drop $20 on the ground and no one tells you... this doesn't mean you haven't lost it.  The same applies to your late packages, clients rarely contact the company for small delays, but by tracking them you gain big time.


  • My customers are paying for their own shipping costs: can I still claim in case of late delivery?
    Yes, because the carriers can only refund the sender. Some businesses use their refunds to compensate their customers or to give them discounts.
  • Do you get the refunds before I do?

    The refunds are made to YOU DIRECTLY by the carrier.  Your money never goes through BusterFetcher.com.


  • After I register, do I have to do anything else to get my refunds?

    Nothing at all! BusterFetcher.com will track your packages and will process the refund requests for you! There is no need to change your usual shipping habits and simply wait for your money!


  • Other than late shipments, what else do you find refunds for?
    Our system tracks the late deliveries as well as labels created where no package has been shipped, which happens regularly. Also, we analyze in detail your carrier bills in order to find any errors which could afford you more refunds. You should know, we are passionate about our work and are always looking for new ways to help our clients. Our minds burst with ideas that we just have to set in motion... To be continued ;)
  • So are you notifying me of the full refund we received or the amount after BusterFetcher.com took its commission?

    As soon as we bill you our allotted commissions, this means your request for refund has been approved by the carrier. The payment of the refund will be provided to you according to the payment agreement you have with the carrier (Credit Card, check or other) as a credit on your next bill. This can take a few days depending on the carrier.

  • Why do you need my login information?
    Our secure system needs your connection information in order to be able to track your packages and submit claims in your name.  BusterFetcher.com ensures the protection of your sensitive information with the help of 256-bit encryption used by financial institutions.
  • How secure is Busterfetcher.com?
    BusterFetcher.com uses the safest technics to ensure the protection of your confidential information and respect the same high-security standards thoroughly applied by banks.
  • What about data security and privacy?

    The security of your confidential information is a top priority for us: it is very important to us!

    With BusterFetcher.com, your information is secured the same way financial institutions do. The secured storage of information is done by AWS with 256-bit encryption and the secure payment transactions are done through Stripe. Actually, your payment information is never seen by us or saved with us.

    We never share your information. Our follow-ups are done by closed link internally by members of our BusterFetcher.com team in our Quebec offices.


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