June 7, 2020 - Great improvement for Purolator and another decline for Canada Post

June 18, 2020 5:18:33 EDT PM / by Matt Lessard


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Buster Fetcher has been paying close attention to delivery delays for Canada Post and Purolator.

We notice a huge improvement in the amount of parcels delivered late by Purolator for the second week in a row. The percentage of late deliveries which was at 23.53% is now at 16.96%.

Canada Post continues to pile on late deliveries with a percentage of 42.03% of parcels delivered late for the week of June 7th 2020.



* Statistics are based on Buster Fetcher’s analysis of shipments made by its customers across Canada (almost 1000) who ship across the country and internationally. Though there may be discrepancies with official data released by the carriers themselves, our statistics still help paint the portrait of the situation in this time of crisis.




Matt Lessard

Wrote by Matt Lessard

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