Lower your next Canada Post commercial invoices 

The "Lower your next Canada Post invoices" System: a 3-way system to know exactly where money is left on the table in your Canada Post invoices.


Are you tired of overpaying for your shipping expenses?

Does it seem like the only path to reducing your Canada Post invoices is pleading for better prices from your rep?

Well, it's time to THINK AGAIN!

You can leverage data, insights, and proven strategies to gain control of your shipping expenses. We don't just aim to negotiate better prices - we empower you to understand your shipping patterns, identify savings opportunities, and make data-driven decisions that can significantly lower your costs.

Stop guessing and start saving.

Here are three pillars of our 3-way system to lower your Canada Post invoices:

Maximize your refunds

Identify any errors or overcharges in your past invoices and get all the refunds available to you from Canada Post. 

Optimize your shipping process for savings

Analyze your shipping patterns to optimize your shipping strategy, including selecting the right services, packaging, and other factors that can affect your shipping expenses. 

Get Better Rates Through Negotiation

Our system analyzes your shipping patterns to help you optimize your shipping strategy, including selecting the right services, packaging, and other factors that can affect your shipping expenses. 

Discover the Secrets to Lowering Your Shipping Invoices

Join the growing list of businesses saving on shipping costs with Buster Fetcher's proven strategies

At Buster Fetcher, we've helped over 1,800 Canadian businesses lower shipping expenses and become more profitable and competitive.

Our system can help you learn more ways to save money beyond just asking your rep for better prices.

"Money Found"

I operate a project under a not-for-profit umbrella and raise all my own funds to ship art supplies to remote Indigenous schools. With shipping being as expensive as it is, finding Buster Fetcher was a windfall for me. It was as easy as they said it would be - seamless actually. Friendly staff, detailed explanations, immediate response to questions and found money. What's not to like?

Colleen G.

"Great communication and detail of claims refunded!"

From the start with Accounts Manager Tania setting up our Buster Fetcher account and then forwarded on to Customer support with Alexandre, it is my pleasure to say that I am 100% satisfied with the experience.
I must say that I was a bit hesitant to come on board with this program but now I can honestly say that I highly recommend it to anyone that is approached by this lovely team!

Maryanne S.

"Thank you for the exceptional service!"

I recently used Buster Fetcher and had an excellent experience with their service. Special shoutout to Alexandre and Tania for their exceptional customer service and support. They were very responsive to my needs and helped me resolve any issues I had quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Buster Fetcher and would like to thank Alexandre and Tania for their outstanding work.

Manu G.

"A Pleasant Surprise!"

I knew I needed to be checking my packages for late arrivals. As a small business owner, I did not have time to check my packages and follow up on delivery. A friend of mine uses Buster Fetchers in her own business and convinced me to look into it. I signed up and was shocked at how much money they found for me! My only regret was not doing this 6 months ago!

Jennifer F.

"Great experience!"

Great customer contact. These guys gave us plenty of resources for my business. I am now confident that my shipping service will be efficient and profitable.

Erika R.

"An app that actually puts more money in your pocket."

We have used Buster Fetcher for over 1 year, which has been consistently accurate and low maintenance. I am happy to pay them their fair fee to take on the hassle of manual claims with Canada Post. It's truly a win-win app.

Attila B.